Say Hello to the Indian Version of the Kardashians in the UK

The twins were encouraged by their mother to get breast implants

Credit: Instagram/ Preeti Young

A 55-year-old mother of twins Tasha and Tanya, 27, is jealous of their careers in glamour modelling and adult TV. Mruga, who lives with her daughters in London, is so encouraging that she even thought of porn names for her daughters – Preeti and Priya.

Mruga is very involved in what her daughters do, so much so that she even assists them in shopping for underwear.  Her motto – ‘If you’ve got it flaunt it’. According to the Daily Mail, Mruga says, “I wish I had the opportunity when I was young to do glamour modelling. I would have so done it.”

She is sure that she would have been the most successful glamour model in her family, who she claims are the ‘Kardashians of the UK’. Tasha and Tanya also run their own adult TV channel ‘Babestation’, and a raunchy website that is full of X-rated, full frontal nude snaps. They invite followers to chat with them on camera.

The twins were inspired by their mother who had breast implants when they were younger. Along with boob jobs, the twins have also had nose jobs and regular Botox injections. The trio has earned lots of money through the website and TV station. They splurge on designer shoes, luxury cars, and everything expensive. The trio were featured on Channel 5’s My Mum’s Hotter Than Me that airs on every Monday at 10 p.m. GMT.


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