Spirituality can be explained as a study concerning with things of the Spirit.  Can spirituality be related to mythology?  If we want to, we have to understand what mythology is, Mythology is nothing but a story retold several times over a period of time.  Since it is not backed by any theory or analysis, it is not a science.  Our mind acts on such myths and works at higher levels of consciousness leading to some metaphysical experience.  Metaphysics is the philosophical analysis of being and knowing, through the study of mental life which is called psychology, a subject of science.  When we talk about spirituality, normally we tend to think of the ritual worship.  A person who does all the holy rituals is considered as a spiritually advanced person, which is a wrong notion.  This is called devotion.  Devotion is nothing but ardent love for some inexplicable object.  Therefore, devotion is based upon religions and religious faiths.  One cannot love something that does not exist.   Therefore, one has to have an object to develop his devotion.  Devotion is different from spirituality.  Spirituality is a subject that purely depends on metaphysics and psychology and in tune with the earlier statement that both these are subjects are science and not myths.    We talk about mind and matter in spirituality, a study of abstract that exists only in the mind; separated from embodiment, being passed over to the concrete, capable of being perceived by the senses; not abstract or imaginary.  We do not blindly discuss spirituality.  We talk about static and kinetic energies while discussing creation.  Spirituality does not say that the universe was born on a single day.  It talks about evolution of mind and body, it talks about the five elements that we know, it talks about the progression and it talks about energy.  Therefore, spirituality is an advanced study of science that is associated with modifications and changes that take place both at gross and subtle levels.  When we refer to oxygen, we are not saying so by seeing its gross form (oxygen is not visible in its gross form), but realising its subtle form (the creative and sustaining power of oxygen).  This is exactly what spirituality is, a study concerning subtle matter packed in a gross form, our physical body, like oxygen filled in a cylinder.   Once we understand the difference between spirituality and devotion, we can with authenticity affirm that spirituality is the study and practice of the highest level of science.  It is to be learnt initially from a master and further development is based on our own efforts.  It is a scientist researching on his subject, the basics of which had been learnt during his university days.  That is why spirituality says that one should explore within.

The universe comes to static state probably once in several billions of years and this process is called ‘the great dissolution’ or annihilation.  If any proof is sought for the great dissolution, it is difficult to provide as it happens once in several billions of years.  There cannot be any witness to talk about ‘the great dissolution’ as the normal or paranormal life span of any living being does not permit the same.  Spirituality is a science that talks about the modifications of the mind and these are considered primary. The modification or evolution of mind leads to higher level of consciousness.  Consciousness is misunderstood as mere awareness. In fact, it is the combination of awareness, knowledge and infinite energy field.  The lower level of consciousness is associated with mundane world and the higher level of consciousness transcends all the physical realms.  The transformation of consciousness takes place only in one, in a million or so.  We are all witness to this situation as we come across conflicts and confrontation everywhere.  If consciousness happens to undergo significant changes in many people, we will not be witnessing this type of enmity and hatred that we are witnessing helplessly today. Therefore, the question of 100% of the living beings getting liberated is ruled out and beyond any comprehension.  The question of everybody winning does not arise and only the fittest survive.  As long as the universe exists, it is controlled only by the kinetic energy.  The stage will arise only if the kinetic energy is depleted but this is not going to happen, going by our own experience.  Assuming that it happens one day, the sun, moon, air, fire, water nothing will exist.  Such a situation is called the great dissolution.

Science explains the creation in its own way using several jargons and formulae, about which common man may not be aware.  In fact, science and spirituality co-exist and this fact is neither accepted by spiritual masters nor by scientists.  Only common man is struggling to find a scientific explanation and interpretation to the spirituality.  Though science also deals with subtle matters, the effect of subtle nature of the matter is realised or felt during experiments.  For example if two portions of hydrogen are mixed with one portion of oxygen (H2O) both these gases being subtle in nature, the end result water becomes gross. Such experiments are not possible in spirituality because spirituality progresses from gross to subtle, subtle and subtlest. This progress mainly depends upon the transformation and transgression of consciousness from the gross level to the subtlest level.  This theory cannot be disputed, as we always stand associated with the lower level of consciousness, seeking material comforts.  The human brain is considered to be the complex organism and the mind that uses this complex organism for its survival and modifications is still more complex as the mind is subtle and the brain is gross in nature. The potential energy and the kinetic energy of the Supreme are always interdependent.  Potential energy alone cannot function independently, like the electricity cannot function without positive and negative nodes. When we believe in electricity, we have to believe the energies of the Supreme.  Shiva, Shakthi, Jesus, Allah are the names that we have chosen to give to these energies to suit our convenience. Karma is the net result of one’s actions.  It fluctuates widely and if the effect of karma is not fully realized in this birth, it is carried over to next births and the soul has no option except to undergo the enjoyment or miseries depending upon its karmic quality.   The quality of this static energy is that, it never undergoes modifications or changes from its original form.  When a soul has experienced and exhausted all its balance, it ceases to be under the control of the kinetic energy and severs its connection with it to merge with the static energy.  Even if billions and billions of such souls merge with the omnipresent God or the static energy, it does not undergo even a minute change.  This can be compared to an ocean.  In spite of torrential rains and consequent floods, the ocean is able to receive any amount of water from the rivers without itself undergoing any change.  When we are able to believe this phenomenon, we have to believe the concept of soul and Spirit. If one is not able to fully realize the spirituality in this birth, at least in the next birth, he begins from where he had left in the previous birth.


The upper limit of spirituality is only infinity.  People are moving towards spirituality because of their mundane life, miseries, sufferings, wanting and all that is related to material prosperity.  The principal theory of spirituality revolves around faith and belief.  Even the great scientists offer prayers before launching their projects.  It is their unshakable faith that makes them invoke supra normal powers.  Otherwise, why a scientist, who always depends upon confirmations and conclusions should offer prayers to someone who is extremely subtle in nature?  Secondly, spirituality has been wrongly explained that one should forego comforts and marital bliss.   Spirituality needs only two things.  The primary factor is the capacity of the mind to refine itself. As long as the mind is willing to be under your control, nothing prevents your body to reap the benefits of your past karmas.  If on the contrary, the mind keeps you under its control, your mind never undergoes refinement and loses its shine and ultimately rots. The second factor is the flexibility of the body to realize the spiritual energy.Once the spiritual energy is able to penetrate into the body, it does not allow the mind to decay.  But an initial attempt is imperative.  Unless a scientist has basic infrastructure, he cannot proceed with his experiments.In the same way, the spiritual seeker also needs some basic infrastructure like mind and body to perform spiritual experiments.The success or failure of the experiments, both in the case of a scientist and a spiritual seeker purely depends upon their efforts.

The transmission of spirituality should happen between two hearts and two minds.  That is why the need for a learned master (guru) has been emphasized. Spirituality can be taught by someone who has realized the Absolute by himself.  Without thoroughly knowing the subject, none can teach that subject.When one is not aware of what he is teaching, how can he explain to its logical conclusion? In recent times it has been proved that time and space are merely the projections of human consciousness.  This discourse cannot become static and has to move forward from here with better participation and interpretation.

Source by V.RAVI