When we talk about sexual abuse, there will be lots of question that come to our mind. Sexual abuse means any contact or interaction physical, visual, verbal or psychological between children or adolescent and an adult when they are used for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator or any other person. It happens to both genders, male and female. Based on the statistics made by National Crimes Victimization Canada, there are 13,867 charges for sexual abuse and 15.9% are filled by men.

There is one issue that happens in Korea when an eight-years-old girl being strangled and raped repeatedly by 57-years-old habitual drunk and in apparent effort to destroy the evidence, he simply damaged the girl’s internal organs and destroyed her sphincter, requiring extensive reconstructive surgery. Why these things do happens especially to children? There are lots of causes that lead to this social problem and as what we can see on this issue, the main problem is the children is not being supervised by her own parents. But the most tragic is the suspect is release without being prosecuted. Why do these happen? The statistics shown that only 40 percent of 6,000-odd suspects investigated for child abuses were prosecuted and those who convicted nearly have received suspended sentence. This should not be happen to our society nowadays because as what we can see nowadays, many criminals are being released without further investigation especially when bribes take place because people nowadays is greedy with money. This is also one of the factors why do these things happen to our society. Based on Malaysia’s statistics in this crime, there are 2193 cases in July 2009 were reported about the sexual abuse among children and women. The enforcement should take a serious action to prevent this problem from become worse.

Next issues that I can highlight in the article that I’ve chosen when the children or the women are being abused, the not just only physical tortured but also mentally. Based on the issue that I already read, there is one case in Malaysia where young women name Miriam is being tortured by an adult family friend since she was at the age 14 and she is being abused for twenty years. Unfortunately, she refuses to tell her parents about the incident and finally she gains her courage to make a report to the police. Even though she already report it, but the incident was still played in her mind and sometimes make her so uncomfortable and now she suffering schizophrenia. Based on these issues, points that we can highlight are sometimes the victim is not willing to share their problem with their family members and friends and that makes them suffer. They need to share their problems with parents. Parents also need to play an important role in this problem.  They need to see if their children are having emotion changes and always ask them if you feel curious. The victim also needs to share and tell the truth because it can ease your problem. The effect can cause lots of trouble. If the victim just keeps on silence without telling their problem, it may cause death which means they commit suicide themselves because they think there is no other way to solve their problems and by suicide themselves, they can easily solve the problem. Estimates suggest that approximately 800,000 Americans attempt suicide per year. So, to solve this problem, the victim him or herself should report and tell their problems to the person that they can trust.

Paradoxically, the statistics of the women and child’s abuse are high at Middle East countries such as Iraq and Iran and the issue that I get happens in Iran. As we know, the Middle East countries are having lots of trouble such as wars. So, this problem leads and also link to another problem which is abuse. In the Middle East especially Iran, women are being underestimated by men and they are treated badly by them. Most of them become prostitutes and even slaves. In the issue that I get from magazines, it happens in Iran when a criminal gangs run amuck and hundreds girl are missing. Are they being sold for sex? According to Anna, one of the victims says that a car with four men inside and stopped near her then dragged her into the car. As what we can see, men simply just take which women they want to be their slaves. It also happens in Baghdad when the women are being accused on abuse and they are aiding kidnappers and they will be jailed. This is the effect of glass ceiling. When women is being looked down and underestimated by men, they just simply got nothing. They being tortured and abuse every day. So, the government themselves should take serious regards to this problem to avoid it become worse.

Next, when we talk about social ladder or social stratification we will look up at the high people who always earn lots of money and they can do what they want. It happens in Italy when their own Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi uses money in the wrong way. He simply uses his money to charges of underage sex and abuse of power and uses his power in a wrong way. He willing to paid 17-year-old girl to have sex with him. The government just let the cases close until his mistress; Noemi Letizia provokes his wife to divorce with him in May 2009. Now, Berlusconi is trying to stand trial of judge order. In this issues, we can see if a men have lots of money, they just easily get what they want especially women. So, to avoid this problem become worsen, the government again should take serious of this problem and especially among the high people or politician because a country does not need such a leader like Berlusconi. The Society also should gather around to solve this problem especially when we talk about the leader that will lead the countries.

In a nutshell, we need to gather around and help to solve the issues especially abuse among children and women because they also have the rights and we cannot simply treated them as what we like. Based on the issues that I have highlight also, we can see people especially men treated women and children so badly and underestimated their ability. So, what can I conclude in this essay is we need to stop the violence against women and children.

Source by muiz