Credit: Twitter/@GrumpyCarer

Ben Carter, a 14-year-old boy, has only drank out of a specific blue sippy cup since he was a child. Ben, who has severe autism, refuses to drink out of any other vessel even after two trips to the emergency room for severe dehydration, which resulted after his refusal to drink from another cup, His dad, Marc Carter, realised the blue sippy cup was wearing out and tweeted this out to the world, hoping to find a similar cup.

Many responded with similar cups, but alas, they were not the exact version Ben was accustomed to. When Tommee Tippee, the original manufacturer of the cup, heard about Marc Carter’s plea, they had their staff in US, Australia, France and Hong Kong search for the same blue sippy cup. They were able to find the original design and a cup that may match Ben’s. Even better, they had the tools to make the original cup stored away in usable condition.

“While we confirmed that these were the correct tools for Ben’s cup the donations from Twitter and Facebook started to arrive. We received over 40 cups in one day, an amazing response – especially as Marc’s original tweet was hopeful of finding just one more. The response across Twitter and Facebook has been incredible. Everyone who shared Marc’s post, tagged their friends and rummaged through their cupboards has helped to create this fantastic result. A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved for their unstinting support and kind messages, the search couldn’t have been a success without you!” said the company in a statement on their website.

The company is now able to start a production run for the original cup and has promised a lifetime supply for Ben. His father says they have “more cups than they could have dreamt of”.

This story has resonated with many parents of children with special needs. A special needs parent and advocate had this to say:

Marc Carter hopes his story will help spark a conversation about children with special needs.