Social Evils.

Corruption, unemployment, smuggling, population, explosion, inflation, terrorism, bribery, black marketing, adulteration, prostitution, nepotism, and other social evils.

Out line:

1; Introduction: Any evil such as overindulgence that affects society is generally termed as social evil.

2; Kinds of social evil: These social evils can be defined in different subjects, for instance, there are many kinds of social evils smuggling, corruption terrorism, unemployment etc…

3; Problems caused by social evils: Lawlessness becomes the order of the day.

4; Negative impact in society: It badly breaks people faith in states institutions.

5; the main causes are poverty, mass, illiteracy and wrong economic policies.

6; the responsibility of the government and public.

7; Precautionary measures.

8; Conclusion.

Any evil, such as overindulgence, that affects society is generally termed as social evil. An evil is always there in a society,

There could hardly be any community which could be careful as most virtuous. It is normally the loosening effect of law and order attached with falling apart of moral values in a society which results in the spread of social evils. These social evils can be defined I different subjects, for instance, some might only be principled and some might relate to crime or it might as violate certain established principles like respect for elders. A society infested with such negative norms has depicted gradual befall, as happened in the French revolution of 1789 and several others, incidences where resolution became a possibility.

In modern society, with special reference to Pakistan, it is important to note that a number of social evils have grappled country in its iron claws, in additions, it seems impossible to get out of its tentacles. Although one cannot really draw a boundary around the social evils, yet generally they can be recognized in the form of corruption such as bribery, nepotism, black marketing, adulteration, and prostitution. But the list does not end here, in fact, social evils are a wide spread Phenomenon.

………. Has become one of the most embarrassing and explosive problems in all over the world especially. In 3rd world countries like Pakistan.

It is fraught with the dangers of devastating dimensions and evil impacts…………. destabilize and demoralize our nation. It creates depression and frustration in the society and state. It spreads the feelings of uncertainty instability and insecurity among the masses. If …… creeps in society, it will erode its inner strength and outer splendor, economic prosperity, social peace and national unity. It destroys good image of the nation in all over the world.

Lawlessness is the order of the day due to poverty, corruption and confrontation created by ……… if it is effective, properly and promptly checked, the entire judicial, moral and economic fabric of the nation will be collapsed…….. Is highly detrimental and devastating for a country like Pakistan that has already tragic economy and political instability, if the evil of…….. Is not nipped in bud. It may spread like a bush that may engulf the whole nation like an epidemic it……….. Badly breaks people’s faith in states, institution and they do not believe in the supremacy of law. It deprives masses of mental, physical, spiritual, moral and economic health and causes grave concerns for national unity and territorial integrity. It also paves way for bloody revolution and marshal-law. Here one can say that so every peace loving patriotic person who fervently longs and cherishingly dreams for peace, prosperity and protection must ponder over the causes of social cancer.

The main causes of……… are poverty mass-illiteracy, wrong economic policies of the government and man’s burning and insatiable desires accumulate countless riches or to become rich and big wig over night………creates irresistible economic pressure and economic injustice and are makes a wide gulf between the rich and poor. The temptation of wealth, lust for power and luxuries of life are also the main causes of the……. feudalism, capitalism and unequal distribution of wealth and non-availability of fundamental rights are also spread by……..

It should be a primary and paramount concern of the men at the helm of affairs as well as scholars educationists and political parties to make necessary steps at their respective levels for irradiation of the growing menace of …… in the best national and human interest.


In the end, I would like to say that we should take tangible measures to eradicate this evil otherwise we will be destroyed. Corruption, unemployment, smuggling, population explosion. Inflation, terrorism, bribery, black marketing, adulteration, prostitution, nepotism, and other social evils are cancer for any country.

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