Solving Your Woman-driver Garage Parking Problems?


Size doesn’t matter! Really!


Apart from driving large 4WDs and SUVs to compensate for the size of their pennies. Men don’t really have an excuse or leg to stand on when it comes to parking. They are in fact much poorer at parking cars than us women. Scientifically proven, and actually shown in survey results all over the world-women can parallel park, reverse park, forward park and straight-park with far more ease than their male counterparts. One reason being of course is the simple fact that women feel the need to be much tidier than men in everything they do. From doing the dishes to putting the vacuum cleaners away for example, men will chuck in it any old how (this also applies to other departments too btw 😉 whilst women will take great joy perfecting the art of the clean park.


The better half decides!


So what happened when my better half hubby decided to buy garage parking mats that not only protect the garage floor but also aid in car parking? I’ll tell what he said on the phone when ordering these mats… “I’m going to be needing these mats because my wife still takes half the garage with her when she reverses out -ha ha ha”.  Is what he said. My immediate reaction was “kill” “death” but no I thought. I will wait. Bide my time and get him…


The mats arrive


I was pleasant enough to him the day the mats arrive, but I refused to help him lay them since it was he not I that was going to need parking mats in the garage. Besides one person could easily do this, since they come with instructions and installation kits.


D-day Comes D_D


A few weeks had past and the mats are laid both sides of the garage for two cars to park- he’d gotten so used to them by now that it was as if they’d always been there. They were clearly marked with almost luminous type colouring at the corners to help the dumb witted parker like my husband park his penis substitution excuse of a car. What he didn’t know though, was that that night after he was coming back on a late shift (I knew he’d be tired)! I deliberately moved the parking mats to such an angle that he would scrape the side of his pride and joy when parking!  The plan worked like a breeze, it unfortunately worked a little too well, he not only scraped the side of his car causing damage to the tune of 1000 dollars, but he also brought down one side of the garage door too! “What the hell happened?!!” I came out in my pj’s- stark astonishment, “I um, I um had a little accident” he replied. “Well” I said triumphantly “you are going to have to pay for this damage…looks like you won’t be going on that all boys fishing trip after all”


Oh happy days! I thought- I love im really though…

Source by Hedin Johan