Sonu Nigam Keeps Promise, Goes Bald; Mr. Maulvi Time to Keep Yours

The singer shaved his head after a cleric issued a fatwa against him

Image: Twitter/ Rahul Kanwal

Singer Sonu Nigam debuted his shaved head at a press conference in Mumbai in an open act of defiance against the fatwa issued by a Muslim cleric.

Sonu Nigam created a huge controversy when he tweeted that the loud noise from azaans disturbed his sleep.

Many called him communal and intolerant and there were huge debates on social media and television panels.

Then, Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi, vice president, West Bengal Minority United Council, issued a fatwa where he promised 10 lakhs to anyone who would shave the singer’s hair and put a garland of shoes around his head.

Here’s how Sonu responded to the fatwa

He invited the Press too

He stuck to his word

And the one who shaved his head was his “Muslim brother” Aalim. We wonder who will get the 10 lakhs now? And where is the garland of old shoes?

Watch the video here: