There are some phenomena even modern science cannot explain. Even though the paranormal has been refuted by major scientists around the world; there are millions of people who continue to believe in it. Redditors list out the scariest, creepiest, paranormal incidents they’ve experienced.

1. The Haunted Computer

About a month ago my computer started making weird human like grunts and laughs out of nowhere. Sometimes it sounded like a restaurant, other times it was an adult female giggling. I had to just not use my speakers or my headphones at all. Then after about a week it just stopped… [AcesChannel]

2. The Creepy Toy

Sister and I shared a room in the basement, and our room was beside the furnace/storage room. We had some old toys in there, one of which was my other sister’s old Boobah (weird kids cartoon) toy. One night, dead middle of the night, we were both awake and suddenly heard a very slow, distorted “booooooooobaaaaaah” come from the furnace room, followed by distorted music.Toys are creepy when they’re running out of batteries. [motherfckin-lady]

3. The Eerie Message

Crows were stalking me and recognizing my face on the street when I would park my car. One day, they sent a message. One of them had disemboweled a dead rat on the hood of my car. It’s entrails were strewn over the entire length of the hood. [morde138]

4. Knock Knock

When I was about 12, my room was arranged so that the head of my bed was pushed up against the bay window in my room, so if I’m lying in bed I’m surrounded by windows on three sides. One night I had just gotten into bed, and was still wide awake. I started staring at one the windows right next to my bed. Then I got this really weird uneasy feeling. Right then I heard seven distinct knocks on the window that I was staring at, coming from the outside. I ran out of there as fast as I could and slept on the couch. [Elmmic]

5. The Others

I was trying to get my daughter to sleep and she was having none of it.

Nearing the end of my tether I asked her why she wouldn’t fall asleep, she stopped what she was doing, pointed to the corner of the room and said “Because those two people won’t stop watching me” (we were the only people in the house at the time). [Custard-donut]

6. The Friendly Ghost

One time, my computer mouse went missing even though I had left it right next to the computer. I looked all over the place but could not find it. As a joke (I live in a very old building), I said “ghost, please return my computer mouse”.

About an hour later, I found it on the floor in the shower. [ThisNamesAlreadyTake]

7. The Ghostly Roommate

I had the radio on in the kitchen as I was sitting in our office just messing around on the computer. I heard our dog-proof gate rattle and the radio go to loud static. My dog was next to me, and we were the only two in the house. I got a little bit freaked out and asked out loud “Can you turn the music back on for me, please?” About 15 seconds later it came back on. It never had a problem with static or anything before this. [BOWL_OF_OATMEAL_AMA]

8. The Visiting Grandmother

My mother in law died suddenly a few years ago.

Around a year ago my sister in law had a baby girl who, obviously, never met my mother in law (her Gran).

Ever since she has been in her own room, she has stared at a spot above my sister in laws head, above the door frame, and laughed and smiled. Even when my sister in law isn’t in the room, she can see her doing it on the baby monitor.

Some nights she’ll be crying then turn around, look at the same spot, stop crying and start giggling.

Recently she’s started saying “hiya” (one of the two words she knows) to the pictures of my mother in law around my sister in laws house. She doesn’t speak to any other pictures, nor the TV. [NeoCoN7]

9. The Premonition

I didn’t realize how terrifying this experience was until only a few days ago. When I was in high school, I had someone tell me the joke “What’s the difference between a ghost and Michael Jackson? One’s white and scares kids and the other ones a ghost.” I told him that I didn’t get it and he responded with “You probably will in 20 years.” This was the early 80s, Michael Jackson wasn’t white yet and the kid scandal didn’t happen yet. I literally just got it and I freaked the heck out. [Chumilly]

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