Although many students prefer to enroll in a college within their state, a few students have intentions to study in foreign colleges or universities. The desire to go abroad and study may not be fuelled not only by academic reasons but also other factors such as desire to explore a foreign country or an alien culture. Thus going abroad can be a rich and fulfilling personal experience. Although many students have intentions to go abroad, only a few end up fulfilling their intentions. This is because these students are often confused in the absence of proper guidance, channel, and information for going abroad. Moreover, for some students going abroad can mean embracing a whole new set of friends, confrontation with an unfamiliar terrain, and unfamiliar foods. So, if you have decided to study offshore, you have in fact taken a bold decision.

If you have collected all the necessary information about the college and the program you wish to study, your next step for you would be finding out about the college dorm. Putting up in a dorm is going to be quite different from living in your own house. Now, you have to put up with shared toilets, shared room, and have to do without many appliances which you are afforded at your home. Nevertheless, you have to find out from the authorities what all facilities are offered at the dorm and whether you can bring in extra furniture or appliances. Also, you have to make a list of must have items which you should carry with you. If you wish to study abroad, you will find a lot of helpful information on Unigo.

Unigo is a college review website which also offers networking and information sharing between students. The site is full of user-generated contents which are reviewed by its editors. A student seeking admission abroad will also find useful resources on this portal. You will also find articles written by editors. All these articles are designed to offer information on a variety of aspects such cost, availability of dorm facilities, cheapest destinations, best destinations, and programs offered, lifestyle and culture etc. to student seeking admission in an alien country. You can also find college stats on this portal.

Source by Robin Richard