Dear Friends,

For a student studying means learning. It starts from its childhood. Firstly parents play a crucial role in it they are the one who teaches him how to speak, which is the beginning of his studies. The first word a child learns is only through his parents. So a child should treat his parent like a god because they are the one who has given him a life in this beautiful world.
Schooling is the second stage of a child life. In school, he has to adjust to a new environment. Every day he learns something new. This is also the crucial stage where he starts to plan his career i.e. what to become? If he studies well in his school then his career will definitely scale new heights. Most of the students avoid studies but you can’t do that because it literally spoils your career.

Followings are the tips a student should follow while studying:-

1) Time Table: – Time Table is a perfect way to plan studies. A student should prepare a time table of his overall subjects by allocating all subjects in a proper time. With the help of time table, a student can easily get success in his studies.

2) Weak Subjects: – A Student should know his weak subjects. He should never hide his weak subject from teachers, parents, tuition’s etc, because they are the one who will guide you and help you out to improve in those subjects.



Source by surendra chouhan