The super hit movie, Rang De Basanti completed 10 years of its release on Tuesday and somehow Sunny Leone took the centre stage. No, the curvy actress didn’t perform at the event held to celebrate this milestone. It was the “famous” lyricist and screen writer Prasoon Joshi who had some comments to make.

Somehow Sunny was the topic of his speech where he declared that he did not support her for being a porn star in the past.

The actress recently handled grilling interview questions about her upcoming movie ‘Mastizade’ quiet well due to which Aamir Khan tweeted that he does not judge Sunny for her past and would love to work with her. Prasoon however seemed to differ and justified his statement by saying that it is alright to comment on someone’s professional choice. He condemned Sunny for her past and stated that it is important for everyone to choose a profession that benefits the society.

We however are not sure how Prasoon contributes to the society by writing songs. Anyway, he went on to say that he doesn’t respect Sunny’s profession and wouldn’t want the youth to get inspired by her while clearly maintaining that one should not accuse someone for their profession. His attempt at being diplomatic backfired as he came across as rude and bitter. After making his comments, he also went on to say that it a free society. (If so, then why are we cribbing about her past again?)

Parson believes that if someone doesn’t make the right choice in the free society, their choices should be criticised. Meanwhile Sunny doesn’t seem to give a damn. The actress who was asked to comment on Prasoon’s take, stated that she had no idea who he was. I’m sure most people still don’t.

Sunny replied saying that she will Google Prasoon and then comment. We wonder what Prasoon has to say about that. After all, he just got burned, royally.

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