The full name of Equipoise is Boldenone Undecylenate or abbreviated as EQ. It is an injectable steroid so to minimize the breakdown by the liver and kidneys. It meets the blood stream directly. As a derivative of testosterone, it has a strong anabolic effect that can create a steady gain in body mass and strength. People who buy Equipoise 200mg are bodybuilders and athletes looking to bulk up on mass. The best effect is when Equipoise is combined with other steroids that help reduce fat and catabolism.

The Equipoise 200mg that you can buy online should at the most be taken at 400mg to 600mg per week. Any dosage beyond 600mg in a given week will not see any measurable results or benefits. People who buy Equipoise 200mg plan on using it during a bulking cycle that runs 10 to 12 weeks. A shorter cycle is not likely to be of benefit because Equipoise is a slow acting and responding drug. Beyond 12 weeks or three months will see a slower rate of return as the body has become use to the Equipoise 200mg during the bulking cycle. The rest period begins to flush the drug out of the system.

People who buy Equipoise 200mg also stack it with other steroids like Dianabol and Androl to help compliment the bulking by reducing catabolism and melting body fat. To add to the bulking, Equipoise can also be stacked with injectable testosterone. For an improved physique and cut look, take the drug stacks with fat melting steroids during the final part of the bulk period. As Equipoise 200mg is a slower acting drug, the first part of the bulk cycle will be to maximize mass and the last part will put more attention on melting fat for that cut ripped physique. There is a proper schedule to follow for complimenting steroids that make the Equipoise 200mg more effective.

Athletes who buy Equipoise 200 must be aware that the drug has a very long half-life of 14 days. Equipoise can also remain in the body for much longer periods of time beyond the half-life. The drug is to be used during a very active exercise regimen that will absorb its effectiveness and sponge it from the body to put it to good use. Athletes should plan not to use it during active sports seasons as it will likely to test positive. It should be used for pre-season training. The Equipoise 200mg helps to increase red blood cells that improve oxygenation to the muscles for endurance. The endurance needed helps runners and power lifters who exert muscles during intense training periods. Bodybuilders tend to use the drug along with other stacked steroids to bulk up. Runners use the drug to build strength and endurance and may have less of a need to stack Equipoise with other drugs. The training is intense while using the drug for training. During active season, the use of the drug drops off to ensure that the athlete won’t test positive for steroids.

Source by Sunil Desai