Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Build Your Own Homemade Windmill From Scratch

You probably have seen people spending thousands to buy a windmill just to save their electricity bills. Do you know you can actually build...

These Pencil Drawings of Cartoon Characters Are Simply Adorable

Swedish artist Jimmy Mätlik makes illustrations of famous cartoon characters like Mufasa, Ariel, Olaf and Winnie the Pooh. Check out some of his work...

Artist Illustrates the Everyday Problems of Women

Prudence, a 25-year-old Belgian dreamer/illustrator/cat-hugger creates comics that are cute, funny and super relatable. From a woman struggling with societal expectations of beauty and...


13 Andaz Apna Apna Dialogues We All Use In Real Life

Andaz Apna Apna turns 21 today! It means it can now drink beer and wine in bars, officially. We all want to sit around...

I Was Date Raped at Age 17

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