It’s Friday Flashbacks and we go down memory lane for this. This week, we take a look at wrestling, specifically at World Wrestling Entertainment, known as World Wrestling Federation back in the 1990s.

Cable TV had just launched in India and kids everywhere just lapped up professional wrestlers and their moves. Everyone had their favourites and the stories, oh my God, the stories never stopped! Everyday there was a new fan theory that came out and the gallis went nuts discussing each one of those stories in great detail.

We list out 10 myths all 90s Children remember:

1. Undertaker Can Never Be Killed

How can this guy be killed? He was put in a coffin so many times but he used to come back alive every time. He was immortal.

2. Paul Bearer’s Soul is in the Urn

While you couldn’t kill the Undertaker, his manager Paul Bearer was always a soft target. It was so easy to kill him. All you had to do was unlock the urn he carried and he would die immediately. Of course, you had to go via Undertaker to get to the urn.

3. Papa Shango Really Used Black Magic


You didn’t want to mess with Papa Shango. He would perform voodoo or some other black magic on you and you would suffer a horrible horrible death.

4. Ultimate Warrior Died in 1991

No one knows how this started. We all saw Ultimate Warrior appear in some matches and then he suddenly disappeared. Logical conclusion: He’s dead.

5. The Little Clown that Ran Around with Doink Was His Son/Daughter

The little clown that used to run around with Doink the Clown was his son. We were amazed at the little one’s bravery.

6. Kamala Used to Eat Human Flesh

Look at Kamala. He looked so disgusting with all that horrific make-up. He was a cannibal. We were all sure of it.

7. There Have Been Multiple Undertakers

Undertaker returns. Once we grew a little older, we realised that you can’t come back from the dead. But it was entirely possible that The Undertaker was like Phantom. Whenever one died, another one would rise up to take his place.

8. Undertaker and Kane Are Real Brothers

Another one from The Undertaker chronicles. Kane and he were actual brothers. The show just said they were half-brothers because Kane was very mean.

9. Yokozuna Pooped in the Ring

Yokozuna used to poop on people when he jumped on top of them. Unfortunately, one time this actually happened. In India, of all places, too!

10. All the Fights Are Real

The biggest myth of them all. We absolutely refused to listen to our parents and other wiser people when they said the whole spectacle was fake. The company had to change its name for us to realise they were right.

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