Thakur Anoop Singh’s perfectly chiselled body has jaws dropping all over the world. The 28-year-old Indian hunk who hails from City of Lakes – Udaipur, has earned a huge fan following on social media and has even appeared on the screen.

Anoop’s hardcore training eventually paid off in the year 2015 when he won the titles of Mr India (silver), Mr Asia (bronze) and Mr World (Gold- all in fitness physique categories).














A former pilot, Anoop ventured into television, which soon catapulted him into the limelight. He was first starred in the television series Mahabharata in which he played the role of a 125-year-old old man named Dhritarashtra. After his role ended, he spent hours working out since he needed to shred the weight which he had gained for his role. He says fitness has made him more disciplined and a lot calmer and has also opened doors to alternative career options.

He’s been the proud Brand ambassador of companies like ‘MuscleBlaze’, a bodybuilding supplements company, Nutrus Green Coffee manufacturing company, etc as well as a motivational speaker who inspires many to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In an interview with Hindu, Anoop says, “I gave Puri Jagan an audition in Telugu and he signed me up for Rogue. While I was competing for Mr World event, I kept working on my lines, that’s how I could manage to dub for the movie. I dubbed for Singam as well. Ram Gopal Varma messaged that he liked my performance. When people appreciate your efforts, you like to try some more. Now I want to work in meaningful cinema and not just showcase my physique.”

Expect to see more of Anoop on the big screen soon. FACEBOOK