The Nissan Cube-a popular choice among the Japanese and perhaps by Americans later on as it has already reached Uncle Sam’s soil-is being touted as one of those cars that will gain top sales and land on complimentary bylines in the upcoming years.

The mini multi-purpose vehicle (or MPV) from Nisan-Japan, with its simple design and customized chassis that swiftly gained the purchase approval of the physically-disabled sector of Japan, has introduced a range of features that will definitely elevate its status and appeal from just being a plain “box on wheels”.

Anyone need not be a an expert in geometry to know that a cube is synonymous to a square, that there is four sides in to it, but a geometer will be quick to inform that when space efficiency is concerned, from all the boxes it is the cube that holds the title of being the most space-efficient. Given this enlightening information, the Cube comes with an abundant space together with a fulfilling assurance of comfort for all its would-be passengers.

At 146.9 inches long, its interior vastness can provide a comfortable ride for up to five people and an ample leg, shoulder and head room for each, even if one of them is a Las Vegas showgirl with her matching headdress. That’s how compact the Cube is, yet still roomy enough to stuff yourself and the rest of the gang.

With all the prestige and sophistication and adulation attached to it, the Mercedes Benz S-class lacks in the cargo department when compared to Cube which has a bigger cargo space (and can be made even bigger since its rear seats can be flipped down). For a big family or a group going on an out-of-town trip, that particular vehicle feature is very important. The Cube has other irresistible features that will definitely highlight its marketability appeal:

o impressively asymmetrical

o e-4W (can be automatically shift in a four-wheel drive with just a touch of button)

o keyless ignition

o upholstered seats

o broad armrests

o rear wiper

o high adjustable seats

o sunroof

o plenty of compartments

o light at 2, 530 pounds (just over 1 and ΒΌ tons)

And since the Cube is small, parking and maneuvering will be both a breeze even in tight spaces and this is good news to those who always run late to work and appointments. Another likeable thing about this vehicle is its fuel-efficiency trait (1.5 liter engine) which is absolutely great news for all particularly now with the surmounting price of gas.

Though it only runs by a mere 88 horsepower engine (its top speed reaching to about 85 mph), one won’t really feel that it is a slow vehicle since it runs smoothly and even has a sporting agility in it.

Together with its fuel economy, its affordability (base price of $13,000) would surely attract more and more buyers in the days ahead.

Source by Mike Kay