Halloween will come in about one week. Have you planned how to spend the Halloween time? If you don’t have any special plan for outdoor activities with your friends, you can stay home to enjoy some Halloween audio and video enjoyments with your family.

When you turn on the television at home, you can view many TV programs related to Halloween. Some may talk about the origin and the history of the holiday as well as the relevant stories, some may show you kinds of decorations and events for the holiday, and some may also tell you how to prepare well for the holiday and recommend some wonderful ideas. Sitting in front of the television, you can not only view the colorful events in our country, but also know about the celebrations in other countries.

Furthermore, you can play some DVDs to enjoy holiday films with your family. There are lots of good Halloween movies, such as the Halloween series, Halloween Night, Halloween: Resurrection, The Nightmare before Christmas, Shaun of the Dead, etc. To watch a horror movie together with your family can be pretty nice on Halloween. If you don’t like scary movies, you can view some interesting ones instead. For example, The Nightmare before Christmas is one of the interesting and meaningful films for the special holiday. Though Jack is the pumpkin king ofHalloweenTown who has a frightening look, he tries to spread happiness and kindness by sending people various presents like Santa Claus. However, his citizens misunderstand his meaning and screwed up everything in the end. Movies like this are able to add much fun to the holiday time, which makes such movies especially popular among children.

To visit some websites on the computer is also a good option to know more about the holiday. There are many online videos and programs of Halloween events available for people to feel the holiday atmosphere and have more knowledge of the holiday. On the websites, you can watch a number of wonderful movies and listen to Halloween music as well. Besides, you can participate in some discussions with your friends and strangers on the facebook. It is also an amusing experience in the holiday.

Nowadays, the electronic industry has developed so fast, so it’s more and more convenient to enjoy audio and video enjoyments. For instance, when you sit in a car, you can watch a movie and enjoy some music on the headrest DVD. When you get home, you can even detach the player from your car and enjoy the movies and music on the car DVD indoors. Thus, no matter whether you are at home or stay outside, you can have audio and video enjoyment easily and conveniently on Halloween.

Now Halloween is getting closer and closer. If you have no other plans, the audio and video enjoyments can also be a nice and simple choice to spend the holiday time.


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Source by Henry Lim