We often refer a coming storm to incoming damage or death. Most of the people get scared, become restless and fidgety. All are afraid to die. Everyone has that fear of perishing, and all looks to stop living. The benefit that one can get after the storm is obviously forgotten and are gone as the wind passes by. The old adage which says, “there is a spring after the storm” becomes buried together with the broken twigs, blown leaves and the hurting victims of the catastrophic storm.


A stormy life creates the same situation. No one likes living like hell on earth. However, enduring the anguish, the torture, the turbulence and the miseries could bring us to a fresh start. Obviously, this would require patience and hope and full awareness of what is going on. An awareness that these pains and sufferings and other torments of life are a part of our existence. They bring new lessons to life, just as the high winds bring a constructive effect on plants. It stimulate the roots to grow deeper and anchor firmly the plant to the soil. The badly damaged trunk, the twigs and branches and its stressed leaves that were previously naturally by the strong winds from the seas, will soon bring the sweetest crop to everyone.

The lessons we learn during turbulent times can not be achieved when everything is at peace, calm and when life is at its peak of accomplishments, enjoyment, and bliss. After the stormy experience, we find ourselves still alive and kicking. We grow in many aspects of life; We become stronger and more mature and humble. We slowly crawl towards life again, ready to face another phase of life, another storm sometimes, but this time unafraid and holding on to life, hopeful of accomplishing more amidst the turbulent winds of our existence.

Lao Tzu said: “If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you can not achieve.” This is a wonderful guide for us, telling us to get through every day of our lives; Encouraging all of us to keep going. We’ve all been there. We’ve fallen; We’ve stood up, ready to face another chapter, full of hope that it would be a more fruitful existence than before. Hopefully, the hard experience that we have undergone will forever remember us not the pains, not the damages it bought, but of the significant lessons we have learned from it.

Source by Lourdes C Burias