The Escort Website Where All the Girls Are Dead

The website put up profiles of murdered prostitutes to raise awareness about sexual exploitation


All over the world, when people fancy a bit of fun, they log on to escort site, choose their preferred escort and go have a good time. But these fun times for clients and vast amounts of cash for pimps can be brutal and even fatal for sex workers.

Credit: Mouvement du Nid and McCann Paris
Credit: Mouvement du Nid and McCann Paris

French charity Mouvement du Nid and advertising agency McCann Paris created a fake escort website to bring awareness to the violence faced by sex workers. All the women who were listed as escorts on the website were already dead; murdered by their clients or pimps. The site was live for 10 hours and charity organisation Mouvement du Nid posed as sex workers and interacted with almost 600 unsuspecting clients. After each chat, instead of offering their services, they said they were unavailable because they were murdered by their clients.

They showed clients graphic images of sex workers who were stabbed to death multiple times, found hacked and slaughtered with brass knuckles and many more who were murdered by pimps or clients.

Credit: Mouvement du Nid and McCann Paris
Credit: Mouvement du Nid and McCann Paris

Phone calls and live chats with male clients were also recorded for a campaign video which aims to show that clients are also responsible for human trafficking and are accomplices to the violence sex workers face.

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Credit: Mouvement du Nid and McCann Paris

In 2016, France enacted a historic law that penalises the client for prostitution. There are 40 million sex workers in the world and in most countries, paying for sex is illegal. Globally, sex workers have a 45 to 75% chance of experiencing sexual violence at some point in their careers and a 32 to 55% chance of experiencing sexual violence in a year. Due to the stigma attached to their profession, they are less likely to report the violence and consequently less likely to get justice.