FOMO Times Bayside Journal

It’s a Sunday and we’ve tried to keep the news as light as possible. Here’s what’s been happening around the City.

Dogs Urge Mumbaikars to Vote

February 21 is just nine days away and the streets of Mumbai are filled with blaring election rallies. For those who are still indifferent about voting, Mukti Foundation and Ohh My Dog will carry out a dog rally in Andheri to woo voters. PAW jodkar bolta hai, bhai vote karle!

Mumbai Boy Wins Mr Gay India 

Darshan Mandhana, a 31-year-old HR professional was crowned Mr Gay World India (MGWI) 2017. He says his family’s and partner’s support played a key role in his victory— a refreshing change from the ostracism LGBTs usually face. Mandhana says he wants to help the LGBT community.

Aaj National mein bhi International flavor daala hain.

India Fires a ‘Star Wars’ type Missile

Darth Vader— watch out! India has successful tested a Star Wars-type interceptor missile (Prithvi Defence Vehicle) that can hit an incoming ballistic missile. The Prithvi Defence Vehicle can engage targets 50 km above the Earth’s atmosphere. India now has a line of defence against alien invasions.

It used to take 80 days to go around the World. Here you do it every night.

Run the Queen’s Twitter Account, Earn 25 Lakhs

Buckingham Palace is offering a 30,000 pounds (INR 25 lakh approx) annual package to run Queen Elizabeth’s personal Twitter account. According to The Sun, the job will include running the Queen’s Facebook, YouTube and other social media accounts as well as documenting state visits, award ceremonies and Royal engagements. Where do we sign up?

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and it’s time to get all hot and heavy. Or not. As is the case with today’s Entertainment update.

50 Shades Darker Is So Bad It’s Good

Nobody expected this film to be good but nobody expected it to be this bad either. The soft-porn, pseudo-BDSM, poorly-acted film has been taken apart by critics and fans with one New York Times review saying it’s almost bad enough to recommend.

Or you could just watch this:

Keeping in the spirit of love, here’s News That Will Make You Smile.

Man Makes Girlfriend Fall in Love Again After She Forgets Him Because of Amnesia

Jessica Sharman loved Rich Bishop; until she had a series of seizures and forgot him completely. Bishop then made her fall in love with him again in a story straight out of a Hollywood rom-com. This is a modern-day fairytale.  


Ravichandran Ashwin Is the Fastest Bowler to Claim 250 Wickets

Ravichandran Ashwin has taken just 45 matches to reach the milestone; Dennis Lillee, legendary Australian fast bowler had done it in 48. And, India is poised to win the one-off Test with Bangladesh, needing only seven wickets on day 5.

Manchester United is the First Club to Reach 2,000 Points in the Premier League

Red Devils fans can now boast of some serious bragging rights. Their 2-0 victory over Watford at Old Trafford makes them the first club to reach 2,000 points.