As we all know that it is the second largest continent in the world almost 800 were spoken in Africa. The largest Religion in Africa is Islam followed by Christianity. Arabic is the most widespread language spoken by people of Africa mainly North Africa. Its land is occupied mainly by deserts, mountains, rivers, rain forest, jungles, grasslands, and lakes. There are almost 54 independent states in Africa. 16% of the world’s population lives in Africa. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with a population of up to 145 million people. Egypt is the second most populated country with a home of more than 76 million people. Cairo is the most populated country and it is a capital of Egypt and because of this, it has high historical value around the world. Sudan is the biggest African country with the total area of 2.5 million km sq. Seychelles is the smallest one in all the African countries with the total area of 453 km sq.

keeping in view the expert opinion there are at least 3,000 major tribes in Africa. Nigeria alone is the home of 370 tribes. A wide range of mineral resources is available in Africa. Many pre-human fossils were found in the land of Kenya and Tanzania.

Lake Victoria is the second highest freshwater lake in the world with the tertiary of 64,490 sq. kilometers. The Sahara desert is also located in Africa which is larger in the area than the whole continental United States. The most visited and tourist attracted country is Egypt mainly because of pyramids but only a small number of people know that there are also 223 pyramids located in Sudan which is twice in number than Egypt but they are smaller so they didn’t get that importance in the world. Africa is the most un-developed and the poorest continent we have on our planet despite being rich in natural resources.┬áIt’s jewelry is famous for beauty and quality. Their jewelry has cultural significance all around the world the world. It is the place where people where people first made the jewelry.

It is the hottest continent of the world. Their people have more physical variations than any other country. The continent of Africa is influenced by many diseases. More than 20 million people have died from aids and at least 25 million people are HIV positive. 90% of malaria cases occur in Africa and 3,000 children are dying every day. As a research of some researchers we can say that the basic origin of a human being is started from this continent then it moved to Asia and Europe. All these facts make Africa the Historic, interesting and beautiful place to visit.

Source by Steve Daniel