In 1840, the British queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria, 1819 — 1901) got a high praise because of her pure white gown made of Chinese brocade. The whole length of the white wedding dress is about 18 feet. Matching with the white mantilla, her pure wedding dress amazed all the people.

According to the records, before the wedding of Alexandrina Victoria, all of the wedding gowns of the British royal family were decorated by all kinds of gold and silver jewelry. And the bride wears the jewel crown with a piece of fur coat covering the gown. The amazing action of Victoria was sensational around the world so that the white wedding dress became very popular. At the same time, the bride wears a white wedding dress on the wedding, which has become the customs in the western country.

White wedding dress represents the inner purity and childlike innocence and purity. Gradually, it evolved into virginity symbol. From the 1920s, the style of the wedding dress has been changed with the change of social status of the female. At that time, the skirt-design wedding dress was popular. However, in the 1940s, the wedding dress became simplicity because of the Second World War; and most of the mothers passed down their own cherish wedding dress to her daughter as the dowry.

Actually, the wedding dress is the predecessor of the original Catholic ceremony clothing. According to the record, there is a love story about the white gown. In the 16th century, Richard Earl is fond of hunting. One day, he went to a town, located in the north of Ireland, together with the royal aristocrats for hunting. On the way, he encountered with Miss Rose who was washing in the river. Richard attracted by Rose’s pure and elegant temperament deeply, at the same time Miss Rose fall in love with the handsome man.

After back to the palace, Richard decided to marry with Rose. His decision was impossible in that feudal society. But he loves Rose very much so that he said he will never marry with others except Rose. To make Richard give up his mind, the Ireland Royal put forward an almost impossible mission for Rose. They requested her sewn a piece of the gown (Catholic ceremony clothing), and its length must be 16 meter, which is the distance from the stage to the gate of the church.

Facing with the harsh requirements, Rose did not give up. Finally, she achieved the impossible mission and made 16 meters long gown together with the all the people in the town before the daybreak. All the noble families shocked by the long gown when it appeared in the front of the Church. And they gave in the wisdom of Rose. At the end, Richard and Rose hold a fairy wedding as their expectation.

This is the origin of the first wedding gown in the world. It is reported that Rose went back her home town, the Fairy Tale Town, several months later. In there, she set up a wedding design company name Rose Madam. She became the first man who owned her own brand wedding dress in the imperial household. This company became more and more popular for its special design on the wedding dress.

As the time went by, there are more and more famous wedding dress brand was set up, and competition becomes more and more fierce. To take up the market, many companies begin to establish an online store. But the Rose Madam brand wedding dress is still the first choice for the royal wedding.

Source by Joice Feng