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Policemen often come across some disturbing things when they are called in to investigate a domestic disturbance or crime scene. They list out the most disturbing things they’ve seen on this Reddit thread.

Warning: The content you are about to read is graphic.

1. A Chewed-Up Skeleton

I used to volunteer with my local PD. Nothing will beat the old lady who passed away in her house and her little dog ate her face. Literally just the skin from the jaw line to the hair line and from ear to ear. It left the eyeballs in the sockets. Just a skeleton in a lady suit, doing the 1000 yard stare. [robinson217]

2. Half a Litre of Jizz

Not a cop but a former corrections officer. Doing a cell search one time and stumbled across a 500 ml coffee mate container almost full of accumulated semen… I was later told it took 7 months to save it up. [ReV-Whack]

3. Dildos and Knives

Family Disturbance call on Christmas Eve 2011, Husband vs. wife. No battery, nobody went to jail… but the house was filled with hundreds of knives and dildos. Normal dildos, little ones, great big horse dildos, and every kind of mall ninja knife you can imagine. Every horizontal surface was covered with sharp metal or jiggly silicone, there were even a few new ones under the tree.

After clearing the house we had to talk to these folks with a straight face for a good 10 minutes, it was one of the greatest challenges of my career. [geekcop]

4. The Axe Murderer

Tiny, quiet, southern town. Whole family that had been dead for a week. Their teenage daughter’s boyfriend who she met online was visiting from across the country. Step dad, mother, daughter and her friend all murder and hacked up by an axe. The mom was a professor at my university a block away and when she didn’t show up to work for a few days cops went to house and talked to murder who gave them some plausible excuse so they left. He stayed in the house for a full week before leaving. The cops went back when neighbours reported the smell. They caught the guy at the airport about to fly home. [usernamebrainfreeze]

5. A Sex Dungeon

Brother in law is a cop. He told me about a time he and his partner were called to do a wellness check on someone with a terminal illness (family didn’t know where he was).

So the get to the house, knock, and get no response. They entered the house to see if he had passed away due to his illness. They did not find him there, but what they did find was a stairway leading down to a basement.

In that basement was a vast number of sex toys, ropes, harnesses, etc. There was also a stage with a bed on it, and a video camera on a tripod focused on it. He had stumbled upon this guy’s sex dungeon.

The guy ended up being alive, but was visiting someone out of town and didn’t notify any of his family. [brainsurgeon23]

6. A Rotting Corpse 

My mother used to work for a police department. This old man used to walk to the gas station on the corner to get a pack of smokes and coffee every day. The gas station attendant called for a wellness check when she realized she hadn’t seem him for a couple weeks in the dead of summer. Cops went, knocked, smelled something, opened the door, walked in, instantly came back out vomiting from the smell. They had to come back later with respirators, trash bags, and snow shovels to clean up the sludge that used to be the old man. [MidwintersTomb]

7. A Scene Straight out of a Horror Film

Dead bodies, booby trapped house, teenage kid who had just hung himself, but died when the EMTs did not arrive in time. [briibeezieee]

8. A Man in an Oven

Friend of a cop here. He told me about how him and his buddy went to search in an apartment. They looked around and his buddy finally called him over. A guy was just… in an oven. Dead, of course, but in an oven. When the guys tried to pull him out of the oven all the contents and gas of the dead guy fell right out. A few of the guys vomited and gagged. [Vizzy1225]

9. A Frozen Foetus

Wasn’t my call but I was told about it later. Aborted fetus in a chest freezer. This lady did an at-home abortion with some meds she bought online. Didn’t know what to do after so she kept the fetus in her basement chest freezer for months. [letsfinddwaldo]

10. The Dead Guardian

My uncle is a cop and had shown up to arrest a 15-year-old who skipped school to throw rocks through some cars and steal things in them. He gets there and knows the kid, They’ve gotten him a few times from the school with drugs, one time for having a knife. They knock on the door and his 18-year-old brother and 17-year-old sister open it.

Cops say what they want and they tell them to f*ck off. Cops show they have the warrant for the kids arrest and that they have to open the door.

Uncle said they might have to force their way in and break the chain. They call the property manager and get permission to enter the house completely to investigate.

The second-floor REEKS. Worst smell they’ve ever smelled. They get upstairs and it just gets worse and worse. They open the door and find a long rotten body surrounded by needles and other drug shit. They leave and call it in.

Uncle said later it came out that they grandmother died of an overdose, the mother was in jail for stabbing a guy, and the kids never reported the grandmother was dead so they could keep cashing her Social Security checks. She was dead for about a year. [suitology]

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