There is an ancient religious, philosophical question that concerns the nature of mankind and whether we as a species are inherently good or evil.  Some religions argue there is such a thing as ‘original sin’ that has been carried down since humans’ first biblical parents, Adam and Eve.  Others wonder whether horrific crimes against humanity prove that the perpetrators were simply living out their divine programming.  If so, then are we programmed to be evil from the start, thereby indicating the only way to overcome this evil, ‘inherent nature’ is to impose strict rules on society?

I will examine some of the scientific findings presented by various fields of medical, psychological and hypnotic research that indicates mankind is not inherently evil.  In order to approach this topic logically, I will focus on two separate but inter-related issues.  The first is the nature of the soul, and the second is the body’s responses to stress during life on Earth, which may make him/her seem to be either “good” or “evil.”

Before a human baby is born its human soul merges with its human body.  Many graphic descriptions of this merger have been recorded through past life hypnotic therapy, and life-between-life hypnotic sessions.  The soul is described in these studies as literally a spark of life created from the “heart” or center of God; a piece or ‘spark’ of God if you will.  These inter-life studies further describe God from a soul’s perspective as “the Light” and “pure love,” so from that perspective it is understandable that the soul, as a piece of God, must similarly be comprised of light/love energy.  Quantum physics proves that light and energy are interchangeable components of one another, where one is simply another aspect of the other.  Therefore, mathematically, the spiritual components of light and love are equivalent and interchangeable.  This is an important concept because it helps to explain how pure love (i.e. the soul) can become warped through its life experience while resident inside a human body.

You see, a soul that becomes grounded in its physical reality experience tends to forget that anything higher, or other than its immediate existence on Earth, exists.  These “grounded” souls feel no connection to a greater good, a higher purpose, or a pull from God.  They become focused on the here-and-now of human life, and the many negative trials and tribulations that life of Earth poses for the human body.  Without a sense of purpose, that soul loses its independence and surrenders its will to the fears that are resident in the physical component of the human body, and thereafter allows the body to choose its direction and decisions made during life.

Various forms of fear cause the human body to feel stress, and the body’s reaction to this stress causes the energy of the soul to become “warped,” blocked, and depleted over time.   There are many forms of fear that the human body wants to fight: fear of loneliness, fear of hunger, fear of personal safety, fear of competition (or not being able to fulfill one’s own wants and desires), etc.  It is the responses we make to these fears, both consciously and subconsciously, that create our own relative life experiences, and which determine how our soul will develop from those experiences.  Souls that have lived many lives will develop a level of confidence in their abilities to overcome certain stresses, and through this confidence can exert influence over the body and how it will react to these external stressors.  For example, one soul may be well experienced as to how to overcome the loss of a loved one, while another may struggle and develop a life-crippling paranoia.  The negative response will have a lasting impact on the soul, which modifies somewhat the energies that comprise the soul.  A healthy soul’s energies will flow unimpeded, connecting them to their higher self, which infuses them with renewed vitality and the confidence necessary to handle the daily challenges of life, while a “warped” soul will feel impedances that must be fixed.  This “fixing” can be accomplished both here on Earth – though to a lesser and slower degree – and fully in the afterlife, which I will explain shortly.

The warping of a soul’s energy compounds over time as more stressors are added but not solved, which makes sense if you consider the simple visual reference of a straw.  When you make a kink in a straw, fluids will flow slower through that kink.  The kink represents a long-lasting stressor for which the soul has not been able to overcome.  Now when the soul experiences a second stressor it cannot beat, a second “kink” forms in the straw, further restricting energy flow.  Imagine the straw becomes tied in knots, and thousands of straws are intertwined with one another, creating a complex system through which energy must flow unimpeded, and you can begin to appreciate the vast complexity that comprises the human soul.  We can see then how humans who do not know how to react to the stresses of daily life can quickly develop warped souls that become unable to influence their human body.  In other words, the human conscience becomes muted, and the fear resident in the human body begins to dictate how the human will respond to future stresses in their life.

Those maladapted humans may commit atrocities against their fellows (murder, rape, theft, etc) in response to their own human fears.  The maladapted human may feel insecure and in a desire to show strength over life, makes a poor decision to commit an act of violence against another person.  These people are not inherently evil.  They just have failed to learn how to deal with stress in life, and have allowed themselves to be negatively influenced by their own life experiences.  For example, a child who is raped or abused can easily become overwhelmed, not know how to react to this stress, and their soul’s energy becomes warped and impeded by the stress imposed on them.  If no external factors enter that child’s life to help him/her learn to deal with and overcome the stress, their soul’s energy will not untangle, and the child will become an adult with “darkness” inside them, which represents the impeded light/energy that cannot flow naturally through their soul.  The most important concept to note here is that this light impedance is not evil, but rather is simply the obstructed flow of light/love/energy.

Every human being can be helped, and his or her soul will be repaired at some point; if not in this life then shortly after they cross over into the afterlife.  There are many paths that can be followed to help fix a person’s soul in life, and there is no one single “path” or way that must be followed to obtain that help.  For example, some may find relief in religion, and yes, any religion can suffice.  There is no single religion that has all the answers, and the type of religion is unimportant because it is simply the stress relief mechanism that helps the soul to heal.  Others may find relief in meditation and self-introspection, which can help the soul become connected to its higher self, and understand the reason we must each experience these stresses in life (i.e. to develop as souls by learning to adapt to those various stressors).  Still others may find relief through counseling, which can help us learn to deal with our stresses and the attendant emotional issues that have developed in response to those negative life experiences.  Other positive response mechanisms are also possible (for example, quiet hobbies or volunteer work, etc), and again there is no one single path to healing.

For those souls who cannot be fully healed before their life ends, life-between-life studies have revealed that souls are healed in the afterlife by “caretaker” souls who unravel the tangles and kinks in the tired, recently departed soul through a process that sounds quite similar to surgery.  Judgment is not levied against these souls for the evil and harm they have committed in life, but rather a life review is conducted with the soul to help it learn how its actions affected others, and what other responses could have been used instead to elicit a better outcome.  It was universally revealed by these inter-life studies that punishment is not levied against these souls who made poor decisions during life on Earth.  They are not sent to hell because hell does not exist.  (Nothing exists outside of God because God is everywhere and everything, and God is love – not hell.)  Rather, the soul learns from its mistakes, and is eventually sent back to Earth either to experience the pain it caused on Earth – thereby gaining a more direct experience from which to learn – or to live through similar circumstances to see if it will make a better decision and reaction to the stress on its next go around.  For example, a person who kills another in a heated argument may live another life with similar circumstances to see if the soul has learned how to overcome this issue with a more positive outcome.  There are so many stresses that are possible in life that it is easy to see that it could require hundreds and even tens of thousands of lives before the soul learns to react positively to each of these possible stressors.  Sending a soul to hell after a single failure would certainly not serve the purpose of learning from one’s mistakes.  No human soul could ever live a perfect life on the first attempt, so eternal damnation would never result in a progression for humanity.

The words and actions of Jesus of Nazareth further support these assertions that the goal of human development is to learn to resist temptation, to overcome fear, and not to react negatively to life’s trials and tribulations.  Following that model is not easy, and there is much to learn from the answers provided in life-between-life studies to see what our soul learns during these periods would be considered acceptable responses to stress.  (For example, there is such a thing as righteous anger and indignation.  We should not allow ourselves to be bullied, or allow others to be bullied, etc.).

So you see, humankind is not inherently evil, but humans are apt to make bad decisions from time to time, both big and small.  There are many ways to recover from these bad decisions, and it is possible for a person who has made the worst decisions in life to overcome and fix their life (and soul) even during the course of the same life.  People can be redeemed because inherently we are the embodiment of love, because we have within us a spark of God, and by definition God IS love.

Source by Wade C. Wilson