The Other Woman

A young man approached me in my chamber in the Court and wanted to have a talk to me in secrecy. I advised him to meet me at my house and he actually came to my house at about 2000 PM. The young man was very handsome, well built and wearing on suitable clothes. I could calculate that he was an educated man and might be holding a very good position at a workplace and also in the society around him.

But the young man placed before me facts of his case and wanted from that I should file a divorce petition from his side. I noted down particulars of his marriage, names, and addresses of both the parties and when I recording the facts that the couple could have three off springs out this wedlock, this fact gave me a grave shock. The children were within age group 2 to 6 years. The so called wife against whom he was seeking the divorce, though was the graduate but was not a working woman. As per information she had left the matrimonial house about three months back and now was not ready to come back to his house. He informed that he did not go to take her back. He had been talking on phone alone and when he had been certain that the wife would not come back, he sought a divorce from her and was even ready to leave the custody of children with her.

Before taking up this case, I remained silent for a while and then I suggested to him,

“I think you should wait for some time more. She might be having some grievances against you. She might be having some misunderstanding and when time passes on she would realize her mistakes and would come back. Even her parent would not keep her for long because when a married daughter is in the house of parents, people showered a series of questions and it becomes difficult to give suitable answers. So the parents shall be coming to you. “But all my suggestions and guidance did not work on him and I started drafting the petition. The only ground with him was that she had left the house without having any valid grounds and in spite of his request she is not coming back to the matrimonial house.

I told him the procedure. I told him that the District Judge shall be having a reconciliation meeting and shall be trying to persuade her to come back to the matrimonial house and I hoped that she would agree because of uptill now there were no reasonable grounds for me on the basis of which she had left the matrimonial house.

The young man signed the petition and I informed him on phone the next date of hearing. On the next date of hearing the young man came to my chamber with a very beautiful woman. I was happy to note that his wife was with him and he shall be asking me to withdraw the petition. But during the course of talks, I could not find that the young man shall be withdrawing the petition. This was a case of its own type and so took them to the Court of Honourable District Judge. When the peon called the name of our case, we went in. I found that another woman was in the Court. She was present in the Court with another Advocate. The Honourable judge marked the presence of both and took them in the retiring room for persuasion and reconciliation. After half an hour the judge came back. He was not happy and therefore, pronounced the next date of hearing on which the petitioner was asked to produce his evidence. Both the parties left the Court Room. I also came back and was locating the woman who was with the young man. I noticed her that she was standing aside and when the young man approached her, they both followed me to my chamber. I was sad and also having a very had taste of the present case. I was expecting reconciliation and was of the view that both shall go back after withdrawing the petition. But here the parties could not agree and next date was fixed for recording evidence.

When they took seats in my chamber, I had a look on the woman. On asking, the young man informed me that he had been with this woman for the last two years. When his wife was in the family way with the third child and when she was in the hospital, this woman, who is a staff nurse in the hospital could develop relations with him and now they are living together like husband and wife. The girl informed me that they are about six sisters and only two are married and since she could not find a suitable match for him, she could develop relations with this gentleman and now she is staying with him.

All these things were unsocial, but it was a fact that both were living together. Only then I could realize as to why the original wife had left the house in spite of having three children from the wedlock. The man in me prompted me and I started to have a talk on the subject. I started addressing the woman,’

“I think you should allow this family to live on as husband and wife along with their children. They have got three children and in spite of divorce, this fellow shall have to give them maintenance. The present divorce proceedings shall be taking their own time because of original wife would ask not be agreeing for the mutual divorce petition.” She listened to all that but on her behalf, the young man started speaking,

“She has agreed to pay maintenance out of her own pocket. But is not ready to leave me. So let the petition go on.” Both went away. In spite of my profession, I could not reconcile with the case. I was having all the hate for this young lady who had occupied the place of original wife and is living with this gentleman. I could realize that the original lady cannot come back to the matrimonial house because of a presence of this lady.

On one date of hearing the young man came to all alone on repeated asking, he informed me that the young-lady had left him. She was persuading him to sell out the whole properties in India and proposed that they both should go to another country. When he did not agree, she left him. And now he wanted to withdraw his petition which was still halfway.

I approached the other counsel and I noticed that the respondent lady was sitting there with al the three children. In spite of my talks I could not persuade her to come back to the matrimonial house. I informed her that the lady has gone and now no more with her husband. But her simply reply was,

“Now this is a contaminated person and I am not in habit of touching partially drunk person.”

These words of that lady remained in mind for the remaining part of my life.

Source by Dalip Singh Wasan