It’s actually quite simple – if you follow only these three key factors, you will see lots of success in fitness.

Know How To Diet

Knowing how to diet is probably the most important part of building a fit and muscular body, or a slim body, or a hulking body – anything you want really. Diet consists of 75% of your fitness success. If you work out hard but have an improper diet for the type of body you are trying to get, all your efforts will be for nothing. Have you seen the people that go to the gym day after day with virtually no results? I personally don’t know why these people haven’t taken a closer look as to why they aren’t getting anywhere. Once you know what type of foods to eat and what is in the food you eat, you will be able to make tremendous progress in the fitness world. For example, foods high in protein are good to eat throughout the day, especially after a workout. Food high in carbohydrates can be good depending on your goals, but you need to know when to eat them. It also helps to know what foods pack what vitamins, and which of these vitamins are especially beneficial to you.

Learn your diet, that should be step one.

Know How to Properly Perform Workouts/Proper Reps and Sets/What Workouts Work What Muscles

Proper form is especially important when you are working out. If you don’t have proper form, you could be not efficiently working out your muscles and your risk for injury becomes much higher. If you walk into a gym and have no clue what you are doing, you could seriously get hurt. One way to learn the machines and weights is to ask a personal trainer or someone you view as experienced in the gym. Another way is to get the information online. Another reason to know proper form is because you could be working out a completely useless muscle and actually be straining and hurting your body if you are doing a workout wrong. It can also be embarrassing if you get caught doing a workout with completely wrong form. Also, for your body goals – you need to know how many repetitions of weight you will be doing. I personally do repetitions of 5-7 with for 4 sets. This type of working out will give you a Greek God like-body type. And remember, when I say 5-7 repetitions, I mean I am failing around the 6-7 range – I am not using a light weight that I could easily pump out 20 reps if I wanted. You also have to know which workouts work which muscles in your body. To know how to do workouts specifically, a quick google search on “how to work out (specific muscle)” should yield you some satisfactory results.

Know That You Have To Be Consistent

I have seen countless people try a workout routine for a week, not see any benefits, and completely quit. You should give yourself at least two to three months to notice a difference in health, appearance, and strength before you quit on something. You also should be working out at least three times a week – anything less than that it will be hard for you to see results. I personally do three days at the gym, and three days high-intensity interval training cardio and one day of rest per week, which has reaped me great benefits. You have to make a promise to yourself to go a certain amount of times per week and really, truly stick to that for at least six months before you quit. It is doubtful you will see any real progress in a month, but you would be surprised what three months of consistency will do to your body. You could be completely transformed! Take before and after pictures of your body, because chances are you won’t realize how big of a change you have made until you see it for yourself. I know at this time you may be thinking “I have to give up treats and candies forever?”. Thankfully, no. Consistency is key, but if you have a cheat day once a week, it won’t hinder your progress at all, it will actually help it. Your body won’t go into starvation mode if once a week you bombard it with calories.


Source by Connor Burns