Are you planning to spend the upcoming vacations in a quaint and charming foreign country? If your response is in the affirmative, a trip to the Irish capital, Dublin, might just be the thing you are looking for. The charming lifestyle and buzz about this city would, in all likelihood, capture your imagination, and there are several exotic tourist hotspots that you can check out here as well. Yet another prime attraction of Dublin is the sheer number and classiness of the restaurants and eateries that the city boasts of. Apart from feasting your eyes on the beauties of the city, you can also pamper your taste buds at these eating joints, where you can taste authentic Irish dishes, that would make your visit complete, in every sense of the word. The ten most popular restaurants in Dublin are:

  • Chapter One restaurant – Located near the Writers’ Building, Chapter One is easily one of the best joints for French cuisine in Dublin. The puddings, sauces, purees, cheese mousses and other delicacies that feature on the menu here would literally melt in your mouth. The prices of the food items are not exactly low, but the rich quality and the exquisite taste of the offerings make them totally worth the expenditure.
  •  Fire restaurant – This high-end restaurant owes its popularity as much to its central location, as to the wide assortment of delicious food items that it offers to its clientele. The lavish ambience of the restaurant is in perfect keeping with the overall beauty and mood of the city. You can even plan to host special events, like marriage ceremonies or business parties, at this easily accessible eatery.
  • Musashi Noodles & Sushi Bar – Looking for authentic Japanese delights, while in Dublin? Simply pay a visit to the Musashi Noodles & Sushi Bar, located on the Chapel Street. The elegant seating arrangements in this restaurant automatically make a favourable first impression on the visitors, which is further vindicated by the fantastic sushi items and noodles available here.
  • Quartier Bloom restaurant – Alternatively known as the Entoeca delle Langhe restaurant, this is the place you should be headed to, if you are fond of good Italian food. All the items are priced at reasonable levels, and this restaurant reaffirms the fact that, when it comes to food, quality is indeed the most important factor.
  • Toscana restaurant – The Toscana restaurant is one of the high points of the district of Temple Bar, in Dublin. The best selection of Italian delicacies is presented to all visitors at this eatery, and the charges are not at all exorbitant either. Proper care is taken by the staff, to maintain the nutritional value in all the foods that are served here.
  • Aqua Seafood restaurant – Also located in the northern portion of Dublin, this restaurant has the finest seafood preparations on offer. The views that can be enjoyed from this eating joint are also mesmerising, adding to the overall charm of the place.
  • Patrick Guilbaud restaurant – For a grand combination of lip-smacking French delicacies and out-of-the-world ambience, you can make a beeline to the Patrick Guilbaud restaurant. The pocket pinch at this eatery is on the higher side, but trying out the exotic dishes here would definitely rank as an experience of a lifetime. The desserts at this restaurant are, in particular, extremely famous.
  • The Tuscany Bistro – If a genuinely warm and cordial atmosphere during your lunch is what you seek, this restaurant is definitely likely to win your appreciation. The food items available here are affordable, simple, yet filling, and you will never feel that you are actually eating out, while at this restaurant!
  • Fallon and Byrne restaurant – This is, arguably, the finest French restaurant and bar in the southern section of Dublin. Housed at the Exchequer Street, the place offers a spacious deli, beautifully decorated dining spaces, and a well-stacked bar, for all patrons. Visitors, indeed, can hardly ask for any more!
  • The L’Gueuleton restaurant – While Dublin has its fair share of expensive and really high-end restaurants, the number of budget eating joints here is not, by any means, insignificant either. A fine example in this regard would be the L’Gueuleton restaurant, on the Fade Street. Right from the main course items to the lip-smacking desserts – noting costs too much at this eatery. You can, hence, keep a tab on your expenses, while enjoying the delicacies over here.

In addition to the above, there are several other well-known restaurants (One Pico and the Saba Restaurant are two that deserve special mention in this context) in Dublin. Read up about these lovely eating joints on the web, decide upon a budget (you do not, after all, want to spend beyond your means, right?), and head for the restaurant that seems to be the ideal one, according to your tastes and preferences. The restaurants in Dublin would surely delight you!

Source by Ackley