With just a handful of episodes to go before the mega-hit series ends, fans of Game of Thrones have been furiously speculating as to how the popular HBO show should end. Some predict a happy ending with Jon Snow and Dany ruling Westeros, some say the White Walkers will destroy the entire kingdom. Given the massive popularity of the show, HBO has to tread lightly keeping the sentiments of millions of fans in mind. Redditors list out the worst endings possible for the fans.

1. It Was All a Dream

Bran wakes up, only slightly injured from being pushed by Jamie Lannister off that Winterfell tower, and realizes it was all a dream, warning him of how the world would end if Eddard Stark rides south to King’s Landing with King Robert Baratheon. [backslashworld]

2. Ewoks + Forbidden Love

A small army of ewoks come out of the blue and kill all the White Walkers & co in 10 minutes, with wooden arrows.

Also, John Snow falls in love with Cersei. [librekom]

3. Even More Incest

Also Sansa and Arya kill each other in a dual combat about a crush on Jaime Lannister.

Jaimie turns gay and starts an incestual relationship with his brother Tyrion [librekom]

4. Goodbye Dani

I think it would be hilarious if Danerys and her Dothraki horde die immediately upon landing in Westeros. Her story arc has been so long and drawn out that it would be awesome if it just lead to absolutely nothing. Her dragons would either get stolen or just f**k off back to Essos [ McBeaster]

5. Noooooo

Make the final scene of the series a slow shot of the Night King sitting down on the iron throne after killing Tyrion. [Bodiwire]

6. Karma

I like to believe everyone’s goals will come to a bitter-sweet fruition. LF will sit on the Iron Throne as no one else survives and White Walkers descend on Kings Landing. Jaime gets turned into a WW in front of Cersei. The Hound and The Mountain 69 each other. [-Matt–]

7. Troll-lol

I think if they had a “Suddenly, the author suffered a fatal heart attack” cut scene of G.R.R.M. followed by dumpy 70s British police with sideburns arresting all the actors in the middle of the climactic battle sequence, I would be alright with that at this point. [dip-tet]

8. HBO Crossover

Or it turns out that it’s all just part of another park in Westworld. [TeikaDunmor]

9. Cliffhanger

As a genuine answer, end on a cliffhanger and “let the audience make their own decision which way it went” [StopFightingTheDog]

10. Flashback

I have a theory about this (though I’ve seen it around before), the gizmo used in the opening credits is the same one we see at the Citadel in Old Town. Series is a recap of historical events, Sam is now a maester and is recording everything for posterity. The ending scene will have a GRRM cameo as Old Sam, putting the final touches on his epic history and closing the cover.

The final scene is going to show GRRM actually finishing a goddamn book. [zboned]