These Facts Sound Ridiculous But They Are Absolutely True


What if we were to tell you that the CIA trained cats to be spies or that one of the most dangerous animals is a snail? You would rubbish it right? But the fact is, that these things are absolutely true. Redditors list out stuff that sounds nonsensical but is not.

1. Combat Dolphins

The US Navy’s combat dolphins are serious military assets (to the tune of $14 million in funding a year, and has the Pentagon’s financial backing through the year 2020. [zeavott]

2. CIA’s Crazy Plans to Eliminate Fidel Castro

During the cold war the CIA had a plan to get rid of Castro by spreading rumours that he was the Antichrist, then fake the second coming off of the coast of Cuba.

The plan was that a US submarine would make it’s way towards Havana and fire star shells into the air. They then would use a U.S. military plane (hidden in the clouds) with a loudspeaker, and somebody would pretend to be Jesus while urging the population to denounce communism and overthrow the regime.

Other such plans included lacing Castro’s radio studio with LSD to cause his disorientation during the broadcast, and using thallium to cause his beard to fall out, both to destroy his public image. [goddamitletmesleep]

3. The Fax Machine is Way Older Than You Think

The fax machine was patented in 1843. [Saganasm]

4. Whales Can Attack Moose’s

That Orcas are considered a natural predator of Moose. Killer whales (Orcinus orca) are the moose’s only known marine predator as they have been known to prey on moose swimming between islands out of North America’s Northwest Coast,[108] however, there is at least one recorded instance of a moose preyed upon by a Greenland Shark. [clear9999]

5. Snails Can be Deadly

One of the most venomous animals in the world is a snail. [brent0nius]

Geographic Cone Snail, found in Australia and other Pacific regions. It’s toxin is so potent it can cause immediate paralysis in it’s prey (fish). There is no antivenin, and the course of treatment is life support until the body can flush the toxin. Which it does by shitting, pissing, and vomiting itself empty. [NoxiousDogCloud]

6. Spy Cats

The CIA spent $20 million on creating spy cats, by surgically stuffing eavesdropping equipment in cats and dropping them off near Soviet embassies.

The first cat they released was run over by a taxi and killed before it could reach its target.

The CIA, of course, denies the cat was killed; they stated, “the equipment was taken out of the cat; the cat was re-sewn for a second time, and lived a long and happy life afterwards.” Operation Acoustic Kitty [disgustipated]

7. Humans Can Breathe Liquids

It is possible for humans to breathe liquid.

Disclaimer: It only works with very special liquids called perfluorocarbons so don’t try this in a swimming pool or you will die. [punkinholler]

8. Crocodiles Can Be Immortal

Crocodiles actually have no life span. If they lived in a perfectly suited environment with no predators/diseases etc. they would live forever. It’s a process called negligible Senescence. [djangogibbo]

9. Gazelles Are Super Fast

A two day old gazelle can out run a racehorse. [grandmastermuel]

Also gazelles are every gazelle for themselves…They’re not trying to outrun predators, they’re trying to outrun each other as well. There is a strong evolutionary pressure to be the fastest. Horses will stay together and fight if needed, so they run much slower.  [workpuppy]

10. Trees Don’t Produce That Much Oxygen

Algae and Phytoplankton actually produce most of the worlds oxygen (about 70% on average) not trees like most people assume and were taught.

Guys trees are still important don’t freak out. [Cruts]

That’s true. The reason why trees are important is because they are carbon sinks. The wood traps carbon and holds it for hundreds of years. If the trees become fossilized they can trap carbon for millions of years (that’s where most coal comes from). Phytoplankton produces more oxygen, but it doesn’t hold carbon the same way. The individual organisms have too short of a life span and no real structures to speak of. [Darwins_Dog]

11. American Citizens Can Claim Money They Are Owed

Every U.S. state holds onto money that people are owed and haven’t claimed. Including from third-parties. You just have to go to their website and look yourself up. I got $500 from a computer company I bought a laptop from once, and a few other small payments too.

Start here and don’t forget to look at “Search by State.” You may not have anything coming to you… but you might! [senatorskeletor]

12. There is a Cloud Made up of Alcohol 

There’s a massive cloud of alcohol floating somewhere in space. Source [definitelynotdeleted]

13. This Octopus With a Detachable Penis

One of an octopus’ tentacles is actually a penis and can detach it and throw it at its mate, where she can inseminate herself. There is one specific species of octopus (Argonaut) that has a detachable penis. [gooze31]

14. When National Animals Are Fictional

Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. And for Wales, it’s a dragon. [OddTho]

15. Humans Glow in the Dark

Humans are bioluminescent and glow in the dark, but the light that we emit is 1,000 times weaker than our human eyes are able to pick up. [-eDgAR-]

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