Travelling and exploring different places around the world has definitely topped most of our buckets list. And, what can get any better than having your soul mate tag along with you on trips to all those places you dreamt about and building memories that you’ll fondly look back at during your autumn years? Savi and Vid are one such couple that is living every traveller’s dream.

In the last 12 years, this couple (who are incidentally childhood sweethearts) have visited a whopping 72 countries and over hundred cities. They have shared a ton of unforgettable moments and have documented their adventures in the most remarkable way.

They started off their expedition in 2015 after saving for eight- odd years and giving up their jobs to become full-time travel bloggers. You may think that this couple, this couple spends over 8 hours every day penning detailed destination guides, clicking high-quality photographs, answering all their readers’ queries and responding to every comment on their social media site ‘Bruised Passport’ as they love sharing their experience with people who wish to do the same.

All the money they earn is poured into their vacations. Some people like to save to buy a house, some like to splash on cars, some like to party, we love travelling. It’s really as simple as that,” says the couple on the website.


“We love exploring a country in our own unique way – you’ll find us meandering down forgotten alleys, spending hours in crumbling buildings, or days trying to find the perfectly-baked croissant. We have a soft spot for offbeat and romantic travel, luxury accommodation, local experiences and culture, and fine dining,” says the couple on their unique travel style.


Savi and Vid are the definitions of the term ‘couple goals’. If you are looking to some tips for your upcoming travels, check out