Tips on a Memorable Trip to Legoland California


Everyone plays with Legos from adults to kids so this will be an adventure that you and your children will really enjoy. Carlsbad, California is home to Legoland. This is where you and your family get to see giant Lego sculptures and enjoy various rides and attractions.

As the only amusement park of its kind in the United States, LegoLand offers more than 15,000 Lego creations made from more than 35 million interlocking bricks. Within the park you’ll find thrilling rides, restaurants, gift shops, and much more. There are also several themed locations, including the Land Of Adventure, Knights Kingdom and the Pharaoh’s Revenge.

One fun ride children often enjoy is the Volvo Driving School. Your kids will get a chance to take a driving “test” and receive a driver’s license of their very own. Get the card laminated and purchase a lanyard for wearing so they can show off their driving expertise. There are two tracks, so even little ones can participate.

Of course, the fun doesn’t end there. Lost Kingdom is waiting for you to ride through. This ancient temple is the scene for treasures which you need to find and the bad guys made of Lego need to be taken care of with your laser gun. In other parts of the park, kids can ride a Lego horse and enjoy a jousting tournament or wear themselves out climbing the rope climbs at The Hideaways.

For any kid who ever dreamed of living on the high seas, check out the Pirate Shores. Sail on the Splash Battle fleet and soak other riders with this attraction’s many water cannons. Smaller children will enjoy a place called Swabbie’s Deck, as it’s a great place to get cooled off without worrying about going overboard.

One of the cool things that everyone will enjoy is Mini Land USA. This is a reproduction of different aspects of the U. S. and it is made entirely of Legos. Besides famous American sites, keep your eyes open for the funny things going on within the scenes, like a Lego man being arrested. Finding the hidden secrets is part of the adventure.

Competitions between families is another aspect of the park as well as 3-D and 4-D racing and the world of sorcerers and knights.

Lots of extra events and attractions are being added to celebrate Legoland’s recent 10th anniversary. Highlights include a fireworks show every Saturday during the summer of 2009 and the 2009 Master Model Builder Competition, where you can take your love of Legos just a little farther.

This is a building contest that will allow you to enter your own artistic work. The judges will choose a winner each month and those winners will attend the final build off. Monthly winners also receive four tickets to visit Legoland again.

Even those people who aren’t big fans of Legos will enjoy this park, though the park is especially geared toward kids twelve and younger. It’s small enough to explore in one day, with parking close to the entrance and access just off a major freeway.

Source by Jen McVey