Bade hi kam shabdo me humko sunana chahte the, toh hum bhi yeh review kam shabdo me hi khatam karne ki koshish karenge.

The frame opens with what appears to be a Diwali setting with many lights and then zooms out to an aerial view of a probable Diwali celebration (judging by the amount of lighting). For a very brief period of time, we see Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan dancing. The fun part begins when Varun Dhawan is seen posing for a picture and he seems to act like an unsound character. Jokes apart, something seems to be brewing between Alia and Varun. There is a frame where Varun tries too hard to impress Alia, but faces rejection at multiple instances. For instance, in one of the frames in which she is testing his knowledge, she questions him about the meaning of simple and compound interest.


Add a couple of funny punch lines, a little mush and cheese, some never-ending melodrama just like in every other Bollywood movie, and that pretty much defines the next 20 seconds of the trailer. What comes at 1 minute 36 seconds is my favourite part; the song Tamma Tamma kicks in! This is followed by escalating dramatic moments till the background score takes over. Till this frame, there is no hint of this movie being a sequel to the earlier film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania.

Moving on, guess what – the Diwali lights are back again! Towards the end of the trailer, we see that Varun Dhawan has finally got an answer to Alia Bhatt’s question of “What is simple interest?” but he remains clueless about the latter, that is, compound interest. From the looks of the trailer, what I am wondering is, how many of Alia and Varun’s fans would watch the movie to find out whether Varun can really answer Alia’s question?