Twin Flames- the Ultimate Valentine


Twin Flames – The Ultimate Valentine

In the Roman tradition the 14th of February was a day of celebrating Juno, Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The next day followed with a celebration of the God of fertility and the balanced union of the Feminine and Masculine energies in an act of expressing love in a new form. The Christian church renamed it in honor of St. Valentine.

DNA Activation

Our collective consciousness has begun to reverberate once again with the remembrance of the holy Twin Flame relationship as something more than ego’s rendition of a soul attempting to complete itself through another. The DNA encodement of God within us has been activated.
“Twin Flame” is a description of our cosmic multi-dimensional selves; one being with two streams of consciousness – the masculine and feminine principles or energetic charges which in balanced union become the individualized holographic expression of the creative force of God. These two primal forces are present for all creation, from galaxies, stars, planets, to cells and atoms.

What Compels Us to Search for The One?

When our multidimensional selves wished to experience the slower, denser realms of vibration, separation consciousness (belief that we were separate from God) became prevalent and the Twin Flames split into what has been termed Twin Souls. This was also the initiation of gender.
The third dimension has provided a great and rapid education in extreme contrasts. As the current galactic shift of energies pushes us to the end of this education, we’re being inexorably called by our DNA back to Unity Consciousness.

Balancing the Primal Forces of Creation

If this call is perceived through ego’s lens, you’ll find yourself hunting for the elusive eternal mate, the perfect soul mate who will fulfill all your needs. If the signal is perceived through the heart, it begins the ultimate inner journey towards balancing these two sacred primal forces.
Our Soul Mates (those in our inner circle of life) will always faithfully mirror back to us those areas where we are out of balance. As we begin to bring love to a poised focus through our daily choices, we come to embody more of the divine balance. Soon it becomes the only thing we perceive and the only thing we emit. This is when the universe magnetically attracts to us that which we have become in the symbol of another human. Romance takes on a new definition as you experience true love.

Bottom Line

You’re the only actor on the stage of your life and everything and everyone else is but a mirrored reflection of who you are and what you believe at the core of your being. As you consciously remember and utilize the balanced creative activity of the positive and negative charges of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, you become the manifest hologram of the Father/Mother God. You are, therefore, the Ultimate Valentine.
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Source by Angelina Heart