The ability of typing without using the sense of sight to locate the keys on the keyboard is known as touch typing. In fact, a touch typist is a person who with the aid of muscle retentiveness will be equipped to identify the area of the keys on the keyboard without paying attention at them.

Touch typing is nothing else than positioning the eight fingers of our hands in a horizontal row along the middle of the keyboard and having them carry out the job of typing on the keys.

In order to achieve touch typing, you need to do as follows:

1. The first step in this process is to get yourself a good keyboard. You will able to type speedily and better if you have a good keyboard. It should be satisfactory and well-suited for your hands to perform on. 

2. You can analyze your typing speed by undertaking a typing test. The typing speed measured will be in ‘Words per Minute’ (WPM) by most of the typing websites and programs. A word is defined as ‘five characters’ when put in context with typing speed. 

3. Try setting goals for yourself on how well you want to achieve in touch typing. A typing speed of 60+ is all about enough for you to become a secretary and is considered perfect for all online communications

4. Your typing will get elevated because of the spontaneity involved while communicating people in a forum, chat room or a social network 

By arranging online typing speed tests for yourself, you will benefit a lot. You can prepare few times a week by setting practice schedules

If you feel that you have not achieved the desired rate of speed for typing, then there is no need to fear as you have definitely managed to improve to a great extent. You need to note the improvement and carry forward undertaking the typing tests. Keep reiterating the typing course again and again until you’ve attained your goal

By following the guidances mentioned, you will definitely see some improvement in your typing speeds.

Source by davisjames