It is no secret that many people in our society are overweight. It is also no secret that eating out is one of the favorite pastimes. As the owner of a restaurant, one issue you will need to address is the size of the portions of the food you offer. If you are part of a chain restaurant then this will already be decided for you. As an independent though you will need to come up with something reasonable.

You want to be able to offer enough food for the customers to be full when they leave. In fact, most will say that portions are so big that they either eat or the end up wasting a great deal of food. Some will ask for a box to take it home but not everyone is going home so they can not benefit from eating the leftovers at another meal.

The price that you charge for the meals needs to be comparable to the size of the portions as well. Each customer should leave there feeling like they got enough food for what it cost them. I know I have left some restaurants astonished by the total bill and I will not be going back. A tip to understand is that you are better off giving smaller portions and lower prices then too much food and a high price for it.

Portion sizes are also a concern for customers. I took a friend to a Mexican food place once and she ordered two burritos. I had to laugh and then told her not to get two as one would be more than enough. They were huge and covered the entire plate. Yet she did not know this from looking at the menu.

I like to eat at a local restaurant that serves chicken fried steak. It is so big it is one plate. The side dishes are on another so it is definitely more food that one person can reasonably eat. Yet at another place, I frequent the chicken fried steak is about 1/3 that size. So knowing what the portions will be like before you order is important.

Customers who frequent certain locations will learn what the portions look like. It will vary significantly from one restaurant to the next. This can make it difficult to eat at someplace new though. It is a prime reason why so many travelers look for chain restaurants. They know exactly what they will be given and the portions they can expect as well.

With more people paying attention to their health and their weight, portion sizes in restaurants have become more of a concern. Make sure you are offering plenty of food for your guests. Keep in mind though it can be a turn off when they are getting too much. It can lead to customers feeling like they paid too much for a meal and that doesn’t make them happy.

More is not always what customers are looking for though. Many who like to eat out want to be healthy as well. They want a well-balanced meal that is satisfying so the quality is the most important thing to consider. You can help keep your prices down for food items too if there is not a great deal of it being wasted.

Source by Patricia Farnham