Vastu for Cash and Jewellery

The safe should be in the master bedroom

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Before giving vastu principles about the cash box, it will be better to first understand the true meaning of cash, money or wealth. Wealth is called Dhana in Hindi language and Artha in Sanskrit language. The word Dhana is also used for plus sign (+) in Mathematics. Thus, anything plus, positive, favourable or desirable is called dhana. Dhana means our assets in different walks of life. Sanskrit classics are full with descriptions of different types of dhana, roop dhana (asset or wealth of beauty), yovan dhana (asset of youth), putra dhana (asset of children), stri dhana (asset of life partner), go dhana (asset of animals). In Rajasthan, a husband is often called ‘dhani’. He is the man rich in stri dhana or wife. Anything meaningful in life is ‘Artha’ or dhana. Thus wealth does not mean hard currency or bank notes only.

Astrologically, second house of the horoscope is called dhana sthana or the house of wealth. It is also the house of food and eatables. The primary wealth of humankind is food and eatables. In the primitive times, food was the only asset of man struggling for survival. Second house of the horoscope lies in the east of northeast direction. Thus all the eatables – sweetmeats, liquids, fruits, vegetables, squashes, condiments and pickles – should be stored in the northeast direction. Perishables should be stored in the north of northeast and other eatables requiring slight solar energy should be stored in the east of northeast. These eatables are our prime most dhana. Food – after oxygen and water – is our basic necessity.

According to the vastu right place for keeping hard cash, jewellery and other valuables are southwest. The prime requirements for hard cash, jewellery and other valuables are privacy, security and safety. North is the direction ruled by Kuber. He is lord of all the accumulated wealth. Thus many Vastu experts have recommended north direction for keeping hard cash and jewellery. But this direction is always kept light and open and is easily reachable. Our prime consideration of safety and security for the precious things does not get fulfilled here. North being a cool direction, was originally meant for keeping eatables, which are easily perishable. Kuber has a large pot belly. He is a well-fed person.


The safe should be in the master bedroom. It should be a private, safe and secure area. It should be farthest from the main entry and should never be visible to the strangers. The safe should be kept on a foundation. Keep it on an even surface and never in a slanting position. A safe with four legs kept on an even surface is a steady safe and so will be your accumulated wealth.

Strong room in the banks or big organisations should be in the farthest corner from the main entry. It should preferably be in the southwest. The back of the chest should be always in the southwest so that the front is in the north or east direction. Door should always be in the north or east direction. Keep a window in the north or east side at somewhat higher level. Lesser and lesser number of openings should be in a strong room. The height of this room should never be less than the height of other rooms. It should be square or rectangular in shape. Construct a threshold of at least 1 to 2 feet high for the lockers.

*        The Treasury / Strong room should not be used as a store.

*        The Safe should be installed on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday when SUN is in Nakshatra of Mars (Dhanishtha), Rahu (Swati), Jupiter (Punarvasu) Moon (Rohini and Shravan) or Nakshtra of SUN (Kritika, Uttaraphalguni and Uttarashadha).

*        The Treasury / Strong room should be kept neat and clean there should not be any cobwebs.

*        The Treasury / Strong Room should have threshold.

*        The Gold / Silver ornaments, precious stones, should be kept in South or west part of the safe.

*        There should not be any statue / Idol in the safe.

As per the ancient vastu scriptures the location for treasury is recommended in the North, the direction of Kuber i.e. wealth. However, with the changes environment and use of heavy cupboard safes, it should not be placed in the North direction, as such safes will put quite heavy weights on North directions. It is advisable to put these safes in South West direction of South West room. The door of such safe/ vaults should face North or East. The strong room should have only single leaf shutter and should not be a self-closing type. The door should be placed in positive zone of the room. The safe should not exactly face the north door. The safe should be placed on a firm foundation and it should not be under any beam.

Thank you for reading my article, I love to hear any ones opinion or suggestions. Good luck to everyone.

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