Viral marketing in a simple term means a marketing environment which facilitates and encouraged to pass along a message through a chain of the network. In marketing language, it’s passing of marketing message.

The very fact that it got its name as ‘viral’ marketing because of its trait of spreading like real virus or computer virus but this time it is spreading of words through word of mouth. Viral marketing technique is a new way of transmitting messages to a wider section of people effectively.

The success of viral marketing strategy depends upon the higher pass along rate and reactions on it. The maximum number of people it reaches the popular your virus strategy. Viral marketing more or less creates a potential exponential to the growth of message exposure and influence. There is always underlying hypothesis that it might influence and induce the receiver.

The best way for viral marketing is social networking sites where half of the globe’s eyeballs are glued. Every one must have heard the name of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Diggs, Flickr, etc. to be seen and visible on these networking sites, increases the chances of brand awareness. The more people aware of the brand the more consumers will consider their product and services. Thus, marketing guys try harder to promote the brands, products and services on at least famous social networking sites where there are maximum chances of being seen.

Different approaches that can be taken by the promoters to market their brand are many and few among them are:

  • Video clips
  • Interactive flash games
  • Advergames
  • E-books
  • Brandable software’s
  • Messages
  • Text messages

Depending on the reach and network the viral message will replicate and transmit to the large number of people.

Now a days the most popular and used viral marketing technique is messages and text messages. Many sites offer a provision of sending free bulk messages and text messages from internet to mobile phones or even from one mail to other mails.

The main aim here for the marketers are to spread as much as possible and to be visible among the crowd. The concept of viral marketing is simple i.e. to be in sight so that you are always on mind.

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Source by Jayesh Khandor