English is a language that can be easily misinterpreted if not used properly. You can easily get confused and confuse others as well with your unpolished English or wrong usage of words. Pronunciation is something that has a profound impact on the use of the language. If you go wrong in pronunciation, your entire language can become a mess and nobody would be able to understand what you are saying. Hence, if you want to improve or learn English, the very first thing you have to do is to make sure your pronunciations are appropriate and you are not making mistakes in there. Teachers would adopt several practices and measures to improve your pronunciations but it is not only their responsibility. Even you can use several techniques on your own to make sure you are working towards improving your pronunciations and usage of the language.

The first and the most effective technique are to record yourself. Most of the times, when you are making a mistake you don’t even realize where you are going wrong. You keep pronouncing the words the same way without even thinking that there is something wrong in that or that you need to correct yourself somewhere or the other. But when you record yourself, you will automatically realize how different you sound from what you earlier thought you did. Hence, when you hear your own self you would realize the mistakes you are making and thus you would be able to do better and rectify the mistakes you are making.

You should also make yourself aware of the phonemic script. Every English dictionary does not only provide you with the meaning to words but also gives you the pronunciations of all the words. They use special symbols and abbreviations for describing how you should ideally pronounce a particular word. Hence, if you really want your pronunciations to become better, you need to learn this phonemic script so that you can understand the way the dictionary asks you to pronounce and use words.

Use your hands and throat to analyze the way people pronounce different letters and words. There is a special and distinct sound that comes out every time you pronounce a word and hence you have to make sure you analyze the usage and movement of your throats, your lips and your mouth involved in it. With such detailed study and analysis, you can determine your mistakes and can definitely improve your pronunciations.

Thus, these are some of the basic steps that can be used for improving your pronunciation of the English words. You should never completely depend on your teachers because unless and until you put in efforts from your side you are not going to succeed.

Source by Benny