Weird Ways People Have Got Back at Their Cheating Partners

People get creative when cheated upon, and how!


People get quite creative when it comes to avenging themselves from being cheated upon. But is revenge really best served cold? How about drawing in a few awkward laughs from the world while you get busy healing your heart? But perhaps revenge is a (questionable) route to healing for you. Here are some of the weirdest ways people have got back at their cheating partners.

1. Spraying Graffiti on Property

Now everyone knows: the friends, the neighbours, those alley cats…and the Internet.

2. Scribbling On the Sky

Now aliens know, too.

3. A Heartfelt, Heart-filled, Letter

Don’t let the heart-shaped bullets mislead you.

4. Creating a Facebook Profile Solely Dedicated to Partner’s Cheating Activities

Take a look at the many friends this account has managed to make.

5. Selling Their House