Spy gadgets are very popular with both children and adults. Watches, sunglasses, pinhole cameras, belt buckle cams, wireless camera, pens and many other spy gadgets are now in the market, available at very affordable prices. Watches that have a camera and function as a mobile phone are one of the most popular gadgets.

Benefits of owning spy gadgets

The benefits of spy gadgets are in numerous. As they are small, they can pass as normal devices and people will not even suspect you. It can not only be used to record videos for fun, they also do a great job as a surveillance device. If you suspect somebody, you can catch them red handed using a lot of camera or audio devices. These cameras can be used to monitor your baby from any part of the house.

Disadvantages of spy gadgets

In the wrong hands, the Spy gadgets can be dangerous and kids should always be taught what is right and what is wrong. One spy camera that is available in the market looks like a screw and nobody will even suspect it. Such cameras can be used to spy on you. These spy gadgets will be a problem if you aren’t the one using them. Spy gadgets used to cost a lot in the past but with the development of the technology, the prices have come down bringing them within everybody’s reach.

Things you never thought you could do

We have all seen movies where the sunglasses have cameras but we never thought we could own one of them. This dream is now a reality as these sunglasses are now available for less than $100 and come with a built in mp3 player. It can also be controlled with a remote which can be hidden in your pocket. Audio devices that will help you listen into conversations can also be bought and used without anybody knowledge.

Source by Alan Cruz