Fundamental to all types of scientific inventions, study of physics offers one of the most extensive career prospects for career aspirants. Not only in terms of opportunities offered but also in terms of divergences in such opportunities is the hallmark of career of physicist.

Multiple Opportunities:
Career aspirants have multiple choices to choose their career as physicist including –
* Career of a laboratory based scientist;    * Scientist outside laboratories; and    * Can attract numerous employers in different fields desirous of doing something different in the fields connected with physics.

Job Specifications:
Usually the job of the physicist will include one or more of the followings –
* Conducting practical experimentations;    * Deriving theories; or    * A combination of theories and practices.

Job Wise Categorization:
Broadly speaking physicist’s career can be categorized into two broad classifications; the professionals, and the applied physics implementer.
* Professional options in physics are for those who after completion of their educational courses aspire to be involved in research and experimentations made in laboratories either in public or in private sectors of employments.    * Scope for professional options is more in government organizations and educational institutions.    * Applied option is for the students planning to have a technical career without any advanced studies.
Apart from these two options, there is also the general option where students do not want to be physicists and do not study the subject.
Education, Training and Advancements.

Educational qualifications for the job of physicists are –
* Minimum qualification is graduation with physics as a subject;

* Master’s degree in physics or related subjects; and

* Doctoral degrees in physics related subjects.

Master’s and doctoral degrees will be necessary for those who wish to become physicist and scientists.

Career Opportunities:
A physicist could pursue the career is acoustical physics, astrophysics, biophysics, fiber optical physics, fluid physics, geophysics; material physics, medical and health related physics; molecular and nuclear physics, optical physics, and plasma physics. One of the best things about making the career as physicist is that jobs are available in almost all fields. Besides job opportunities in divergent streams, several teaching jobs are also available.

Despite being a science subject there is demand for physicists almost in every field. Many renowned Chartered Accountancy companies offer physicist jobs and so does insurance companies and banks.

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