Setting goals can be a bit difficult for many people. They have a hard time figuring out which goals are good goals and which goals are not. Here are a few key components that will help you determine which goals are good goals for you to set and which you’d save yourself a lot of time, energy, and heartache to leave behind. What makes a goal good?


Good goals are going to be challenging to some degree but great goals are going to offer a fair amount of challenge but also a fair amount of achievability. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Ambition is great but for most people, it’s better to start with a series of small goals that lead up to the big bad voodoo daddy of goals.

Small goals also give you a chance to celebrate a few well-placed victories along the way. It’s the ability to celebrate these small victories once you’ve accomplished smaller goals that give you the strength of will required to move on and accomplish the bigger goals.


The goals you set need to be personal to you. You will never work as hard to accomplish the goals you believe you SHOULD have as you will to accomplish the goals that are born of your own personal desire.

Figure out what you want. Make that your goal and work hard to achieve that goal. The more you want it, the easier it will be to work up to the point where you’ll get it – no matter what that goal is. Just remember that sometimes, you have to take baby steps along the way.


This is the hardest part for many people to understand. The goal has to be realistic. You have to be able to come up with a series of steps that will help you achieve that goal. Winning the lottery is not a clearly definable goal. It’s not something that you alone can effect.

Good goals are goals that only you are responsible for. They do not rely on another person producing results. They do not need someone else for validation. You are the one who defines them and decides when they’ve been accomplished.


The best goals are the goals that are very specific. If you’re too vague or general it’s not always easy to define at which point the goal has been accomplished. It’s also easy to go way off course before things are finished.

The more specific you are and the more clearly you define your goals the better able you will be to achieve it.

Source by TW Jackson