The crowd cheers as President Barack Obama addresses the Milwaukee Laborfest at Henry Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee, Wisc., Sept. 6, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Happened to America the Beautiful?

Norman W Wilson, PhD

Have you ever wondered what happened to our national notion that we were the United States of America? The United States of America united for the singular resolve to be one people? A people united for the good of the whole. . . with different views, beliefs, aspirations, and expectations?

When times got tough the citizens of this great country came together; when we were at war, we stood against the enemy as one Nation with one voice.  What happened to that grand resolve?

I know we can’t go home again or cross the same stream twice, but it does seem to me that we have lost something very valuable and significant in our national persona. We’ve lost our National Spirit.

Today, instead of getting together we have become a divided nation. We talk of Afro-Americans, Latino-Americans, Native Americans, of Irish-Americans, and Chinese-Americans. You get the idea. All of these adjectives are divisive.  Are we not all Americans?

And are we not more than Christian, Jew, Islam, Buddhist, Protestant or Catholic, Universalist, or atheist? Does it really matter what color you are, what religious beliefs you hold or don’t hold, what political party you belong to?  Do we not all bleed red blood?


It concerns me that we have a large sea of angry waves of hate, racism, prejudice, and bigotry rushing across the width and breadth of our wonderful country. Whatever happened to mutual respect, recognition of the value and dignity of another human being?

Can we not come together to support our nation, our country? If we don’t, we won’t be one for long.

Source by Norman W Wilson