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Every guy wants to date the most popular girl in high school/college and every girl wants to be one. But have you ever wondered what these pretty, popular girls grow up to be? Models? Actresses? Do they marry rich or do their lives go down the drain after they realise that life isn’t like high school any more? Redditors describe what happened to the ‘popular’ girl in high school years later.

1. Runs a Bakery

In a shocking turn of events, our ‘popular girl’ was actually quite nice. I thinks she runs a bakery now. [ViveLaUtopia]

2. A Piano Teacher

The most popular girl at our school was probably the nicest. Some really awkward nerdy dude asked her to the prom, and she said yes. She was sweet to him the whole time. She ended up being a piano teacher. [kristina_kim]

3. A Model

Our popular girl was also pretty nice in retrospect. She became a model. [pyjamasbox]

4. Against All Odds

One of the most popular girls at my school got pregnant during our senior year by the guy she’d been dating since the 7th grade. Against all odds she is on her way to becoming a teacher with a 3 year old daughter and is still with her middle school sweetheart. [Nick_is_a_Genius]

5. A Doctor

Our “popular girl” was co-head cheerleader, homecoming queen, and an honor student (in the top 25 out of a graduating class of about 400). She is now a physician. [Anonymanx]

6. She is Still Good Looking

She was voted best looking, and married the guy who was voted best looking. That was 34 yrs ago, still married, still good looking, and all around good people. [timothytuxedo]

7. On The Run

She and her boyfriend are being charged with the murder of an elderly man. There’s currently a warrant out for her arrest, but it’s been months and they haven’t found her. [K8eCastle]

8. She is the Late Robin Williams’ Wife

She (eventually) married Robin Williams. Hi Sue, love you and hope you’re doing well. [outsidepr]

9. She Has an Ugly Wealthy Boyfriend

She’s still trying to get over her ex-boyfriend that was 5 years older than her. She’s broke, obtained her associates, and now trying to get into a university’s nursing program. Luckily, she has an ugly wealthy boyfriend that can support her while she pursues her education.

Source: I’m the ugly wealthy boyfriend [thuglifecarlo]

10. They Are all Doing Quite Well

We had sort of a group of popular girls, and they were all pretty nice, smart people.

One works for Snapchat, another works for an international NGO and is pretty much constantly traveling to developing countries, one’s a music teacher, and another one is going to medical school.

At my five-year reunion I went to on a whim, I realized that so many people I wrote off in high school because they were popular and I wasn’t were really interesting, nice people. [meiyoumayo]

11. Some People Have It All

She was also super smart. She’s a lawyer, just graduated from University. Still fit and pretty. And has a handsome successful boyfriend.[ilovedogssfm]

12. She Got What She Wanted

She got married to a dude that’s actually pretty average looking. She immediately had a baby and started doing what she did in high school: photography and being pretty and personable to get exclusive access to events that people want photographed (backstage at concerts, foodie events, festivals, political stuff, etc).

She’s usually a nice girl. She was just way prettier than average (won state-wide beauty pageants a couple of times) and fairly smart, so she successfully leveraged her good looks to get exactly what she wanted in life.

Which is a cute kid, a husband that makes money and worships her, and a fat paycheck for maybe 15 hours of work a week.

If she was stupid or meaner, she wouldn’t have been half as successful. She also still looks exactly like she did in high school, just with better makeup, which helps. The rest of us just got older and fatter.

We’re friends, if it matters. She had a lot of issues in high school, lots of family baggage. I think that’s why she wanted to create a picture-perfect happy ending for herself so badly. I wasn’t exactly a slouch myself in the popularity department in high school, so we ran in the same circles. [beanfiddler]

13. She Was and Still is a Huge B***h

I saw her at a Steak N’ Shake a couple years ago. Took me a few minutes to figure out who she was because she looked so familiar. She had gotten super fat, almost beyond recognition, and was yelling at a bunch of kids who turned out to be her own. It was…satisfying. She was (and apparently still is) a huge b**ch. [horror_unfolds]

14. She’s Pretty Okay

This is going to sound like the most anti-climatic humblebrag ever, but the most popular girl in my high school was me. I was the cheer captain, homecoming and prom queen, voted “friendliest” “best dressed” and “most likely to become a supermodel” in the school. I graduated, went to college for a year and dropped out due to mental health issues (depression and anxiety.) I now work in sales and marketing at a cable company. I live with my boyfriend and that’s about it. I’m pretty happy, I guess. I quit wearing makeup or doing my hair fancy every day and deleted all social media. [chillhoneybunny28]


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