The joy of receiving your first salary is a well-deserved one. It is a joy that can never be felt again, but it’s the start of many more pay cheques to come. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a meagre hundred rupees, or a few thousands; your first salary is your stepping-stone to independence. After that, the most important decision becomes how one will spend their first salary. Most hand their first salary to their family or someone they look up to, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s a small gesture but it means the world to them.  Some, like me, go off on a rampage and splurge that hard-earned money on things that hardly make sense. I decided to buy a Kylo Ren figurine, or what some call a doll.

We spoke to a few youngsters who told us how they spent their first pay.

I Bought Video Games

Abhijeet Mehta, 24, is an enthusiastic gamer and has always been like that. “I bought some games that I only ever had pirated versions of, but I loved those games and wanted to pay for them. So, when I got my first salary I bought the games I loved playing as a kid. My father was happy with my first buys, and well my mother, she was disappointed because this meant more games.”

Abhijeet still spends a lot of time on those games. He is currently a game developer in a UK-based firm, and is living his dream.

I Did Some Grocery Shopping

Gautam Balakrishnan, 23, currently studying in Australia, is a man of simple needs. While he doesn’t need extravagant gadgets and other expensive things, he is a huge foodie. He mentioned that he spends a lot of time looking at food pictures, videos, and memes. “My first salary gave me a sense of freedom. The day I got my salary from my part time job, I went to the grocery store and bought a family pack of Doritos, a bunch of dips, a pack of 22 condoms, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and a Nerf gun. I bought my dog some expensive treats too, because he deserves it, and I could afford it. I didn’t feel any guilt for my splurge, because I believe I earned it.”

Gautam worked a part-time night shift at a supermarket to meet his expenses in Australia while studying there.

I Bought a Phone

Mohammed Bugedwala is a 23-year-old, currently in Guwahati. He has never really been an Android person, but he still bought a smartphone with his first salary. “I bought a Jio Lyf phone. I’m sure everyone understands why I bought it. I didn’t really need that phone, it was just the hype. Later, I realized that the network was terrible, and so was the touch screen. I haven’t regretted buying anything other than the Lyf phone. There were so many other ways to spend my special first salary, but I chose to do this.”

I Went to a Strip Club

Amit Malhotra, 25, now living in California, comes from a business family but he wanted to make something of himself, so worked part-time at another firm there. “I had just turned 23 and I was studying when I decided to work to make some money. It was my first job and it felt great. The day I got my first pay, my father told me to buy anything I wanted to, but I went to a strip club to understand what all the fuss was about. I didn’t have enough money to buy lap dances, so I just looked at the show, ate the food, and left. Visiting a strip club was on my to-do list, and it was checked off that night. I’m glad that I spent my first salary that way. I’ll always remember it.”

*Some names changed to protect their identities