After the acne disappears, you are left with ugly, frightening and uncomfortable scars.  Acne actually affects most people, but about 30% are then affected by scars.  If you suffer from this disorder, you should immediately find some way to get rid of them, and if you are still not affected by this problem, it is best to learn about some preventive measures.

Often acne is caused if you use strong detergent soaps to wash away the oil that comes out of your body on to the skin. Acne can also be the cause of too much rubbing with the soaps, especially on the face. As recommended by dermatologists it is best to use mild cleansing soaps for the face and no detergent soaps at all.  If you already have acne, do not rub the face as the acne on it will get rubbed.  This is one of the main reasons of scarring even after the acne disappears.

There are many products for acne treatment as well as acne scar removal, but the treatment is totally dependent on the acuteness of the disease.  An acne scar is formed when the tissue of the skin is either damaged or lost.  As soon as you notice that a scar is forming, consult a dermatologist right away, because the newest cars have a better chance of being healed than the older ones.

Home-based treatments are an excellent alternative to lotions and creams.  For totally new scars, it is possible to cure them, and with many, it is possible to fade the scars. Aloe vera can be applied to the scars and even lavender oil is very effective for the removal of acne scars.  A good acne scar removing cream will do the trick, use it regularly and follow the instructions carefully.

Even if you use a good acne scar removing the cream, check out that it has a herbal basis.  Many of the creams and lotions recommended for acne are made from natural products and can cure severe acne, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, large pores, facial and body acne, oily skin, and last but not least acne scarring. It is important to check that such lotions do not contain any chemicals, and the ingredients listed on the product should be natural and herbal products.  Many of the ingredients are common ingredients used at home.

There are some low-cost techniques also available called Overnight Acne Cures, which can be performed at home.  The entire program lasts about 2 months, and it is advised that the course should be followed thoroughly; otherwise, it may not have any effect.  These are again natural and no chemical products, having no side effects at all.

The program gives a guarantee of clear skin within 24 hours because the skin pores become smaller immediately and hence the skin oil production is also reduced drastically. The company gives a money-back guarantee, with no questions asked.  It has been proved to have a success rate of 96%, so it is worth a try.

Source by Jeff Riley