Many people hold the belief that people who have Harley Davidson motorcycles are tough, tattoo laden, testosterone-fuelled men who guzzle hard alcohol and wind up big bar fights. Even though this profile works well in the movies, a great majority of Harley Davidson owners are laid-back, sociable people who give back to society.


Harley-Davidson has gone to great lengths to establish a community of solidarity among individuals who own Harleys. The hugely successful Harley Owners Group (HOG) has over 1 million members around the world. With local divisions around the world, members unite in sharing their obsession for the Harley-Davidson lifestyle.

Harley Davidson riders include males and females ranging in age from eighteen to eighty-eight. Some Harley riders have been riding Harley-Davidson bikes for more than fifty years. A lot of-of the soldiers who fought in World War Two became passionate lovers of the motorcycle, as they were regularly used for transportation during wartime. A certain number of these soldiers still currently ride.


The female segment of HD owners has significantly increased over the last two decades. Possibly the most famous female Harley riders are Avis and Effie Hotchkiss. In 1915, the mother-daughter duo traveled from New York to California on a three-speed V-Twin with a sidecar.

An additional female innovator was Linda Dugeau, co-founder of the Motor Maids, Inc. Linda began riding a Harley Davidson bike in the 1930s. She traveled around America and accounts of her journeys were printed in Motorcyclist magazine. In 1938, Dugeau started building a network of female Harley riders, which formally became The Motor Maids. The group was chartered with the American Motorcyclist Association in 1941, meaning that it is the oldest bike association for women in North America.


Females of all ages and backgrounds are showing an interest in motorbikes and the way of life they offer. Not only are more females owning street bikes, they are also taking part in bike racing. Female celebrities, such as pop musician, Pink and sexy model, Niki Taylor, are getting into the driver’s seat of Harleys and suggesting other women ride.

Motorbike riding is quickly becoming a favorite family pastime. There is safety equipment available to keep kids safe while riding, including tether straps, helmets, jackets, chaps, and gloves. Touring bikes and cruisers make it relatively easy to take the children on a weekend camping or road trip.


Many members of the military are enthusiastic Harley riders. They enjoy the feeling they have when they hit the road and hook up with fellow Harley devotees at sponsored events or charity rides. Harley-Davidson promotes various rides for U.S. troops and Veterans.

A common trait of individuals who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles is that of a giving nature. Harley owners frequently embark on charity rides to support charitable groups or to provide for the needs of someone in their resident community.


Harley riders have raised millions of dollars in their fundraising activities and have donated to cancer research, Alzheimer’s research, Autism and numerous other admirable causes.

There is a wonderful amount of solidarity and friendship amongst Harley owners. They are a group of zealous people who love the thrill of adventure. One thing is for certain… there’s no other activity that brings together such a varied assortment of people from all backgrounds and age brackets.

Source by Mike Stern