The electrical wiring in any home you are considering purchasing is a safety feature you need to consider.  Here are a few tips to help you decide if it is worth calling a professional licensed electrician for an inspection.

  • Licensed Electricians Recommend: Consider the age of the home and find out who built the home.  We recommend that you do some due diligence on the builder and find out what kind of track record he has.  If the home is less than 20 years old and has not had any additions to the original floor plan, it is most likely sufficient to have a general Home Inspector complete a check of the home to spot for any electrical problems.  If the house has gone through several changes or there is questionable wiring (i.e. unprotected wiring) you should consider having an electrical professional give a more accurate assessment of the home.
  • Licensed Electricians Recommend: Find out if your service panel is original or has been properly replaced by a qualified electrical contractor.   Be sure to ask for documentation that the panel has been approved by the local city or county inspector.  If the square footage of the home has increased dramatically ensure your panel amperage is acceptable for the added space.
  • Licensed Electricians Recommend: Ensure that the inspector does a thorough check of the attic to check for open junction boxes or unprotected splicing due to added circuits.  If there are no junction boxes this could pose a serious fire risk.
  • Licensed Electricians Recommend: Make sure all ceiling fans appear to be very securely attached to the ceiling.
  • Licensed Electricians Recommend: Make sure that all outside receptacles have a weatherproof cover and GFCI protection is working in damp or wet locations.

This list represents a few tips for the individual purchasing a home and what to make sure the inspector looks for.  There are other important factors to be considered.  Should you find any problems at all as we outlined above then make sure you hire a qualified Master Electrician who is also prepared to give you a written report.

Source by diane koontz