King Tut: Pharaoh from dynasty 18 in the New Kingdom. His reign about nine years just. He was the son of Amenhotep III and Tiye, meanwhile, some scholars said that he was the son of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten). After the death of Amenhotep IV, the new capital Amarna lost its value in the reign of Tutankhamun. His tomb in the valley of the kings where most of the pharaohs’s tombs found.

King Tutankhamen was a young king when he access to the throne at a time wrought with religious and political upheavals from within and issues just as great from without. The dynasty 18 constantly fought wars to protect its borders and in the process spread its rule to distant lands. In fact, the 18th dynasty was born in warfare when Tut’s ancestors expelled the foreign Hyksos invaders who brought slavery, colonization, and chaos to the Afrikan population. King Tutankhamen would be one of the last rulers in one of the greatest royal families of not only Afrika, but also the world. Art, literature, science, architecture, and the other hallmarks of civilization had reached a zenith in a great, old age of gold.

When the scholars study and check the mummy and burial chamber of King Tut, they found clues, that make the one think in unnatural death for the king. Was King Tut murdered or died naturally as any other person? Who is the murder, why he killed the Pharaoh?

After hard work in searching, the great scholar Carter is finally able to give good news that he has found the tomb of king Tutankhamen. While he attempts to discover the mysteries of the hieroglyphs inside the tomb and artifacts, the suspenses story of Tut’s political struggle emerges. As the young king challenges the authority of his official, vizier Aye and the military man Horemheb, the two man accused as the murder the King so that one of them hope to succeed him as leaders.With the success of Carter turns bittersweet when rumors of King Tut’s curse spread. When his yellow canary is eaten by the snake cobra. The complete story at King Tutankhamun

Source by Adler