Well, for one thing, trillions of people cannot be wrong if history is to be believed. But then again history has lots of stories much fabricated so what makes God different? Remember too that religions are man made!

Well if you were God you would not be in those situations in the first place and if you were for some strange reason nothing could harm you. That is God and he is the one constant in the entire universe that has never ever declined to protect his people or deny them life.

What is life which begs to be asked because if we think like humans then we do not see the bigger picture; thus we cannot answer that question effectively? Most humans cannot even imagine a deity being concerned for every wee life form on earth and below it. We cannot even imagine limitless supplies of any one thing because we are dictated with limiting testimonies to keep us in fear. As the universe is energy in movement then life is also a form of energy thus when we die as humans our energy transmutes into a higher form i.e. if we have led a good life i.e. if we know what a good life is!

Now put your arm under a very powerful scope and you will see your arm under a new light because it is continually moving in the form of energy. Everything in the universe is energy in transit so when scientists talk about the big bang theory they are blind to the truth of energy. The vast majority of us have no concept of things beyond our comprehension thus we believe something if it is explained with graphs and charts and highly camouflaged language. The good news is each of us has the ability to understand everything if we apply our energy towards the source.

There is only one source and that is Divine Intelligence as in God our Father in Heaven. Truly if you want to understand life and the universe then make the effort and study the Bible. There is nothing complicated beyond the fact that it is not in plain language thus you have to develop an awareness of God.

If you were to look at cells healing under a powerful microscope it would fascinate you; perhaps even answer questions. Hold this thought in your mind and act as if you believe it for now. Reason being you have the ability to heal your body of any illness you may have because of our connection with God. We access this energy through faith without doubts: Matthew 21:21.

History books are filled with testimonies to over 35,000 various forms of humanly perceived gods. The sad thing is none of them have ever been able to lift a finger to help mankind because they are not real. In Elijah 1 KINGS 18 you will read a retelling of how Elijah proved to the followers of the god BAAL that they were wasting their time. Of course they did not believe Elijah so he constructed a test and of course, God dominated the challenge and Baal’s image was destroyed.

In the Bible, we are told that God chooses various ways to communicate with his people like Judaism or Islam or Christianity et al but there has to be a constant. There is one truth and that is God is the God of all nations and he desires we all treat each other with respect and love. You see God makes no differentiation between people thus we are all equals in opportunity, faith and in our futures. Now if man-made-religions carried out his plans effectively life on earth would be a tad sight more pleasant than it currently is.

The aim here is to encourage all of us to have tolerance for different viewpoints thus respecting each other as God has designed. To believe in God would, therefore, be validated because we are not just talking about faith we are living it. To live with creativity would be a greater compliment to God than the competitive spirit we endure as if it is the only way. With God, there is another way! God bless!